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The Person Below Me


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Edit: I didn't realise this was kinda like "Ask a stupid question, get a stupid anwser" board. So if no one really runs with it, delete it :( (Someone really needs to add a delete post/topic button...)


It's a real simple forum game in which I kick it off with a true/false question in the form of


"The person below me ________________."


Then the next person to post has to post the answer to the question (add a few tibits if they want), and then post a new question.



For example, If I post:

The person below me has a dog.


The next person posts:

True. (or false)


The person below me can swim.


And so on and so on...



So to kick off the fun with something simple,


The person below me has more than 3 pets.

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Well technicaly, by my scientific thiry, and my intellegent breains, Due to the factor of passing time, and also called agin, My group of scientists have gathered information that I do not like cheese. So in a weirdly-mad-scientist-'s-imagination-&-crazy-thoughts I do like cheese. I like cheese shreders. They remind me of my guild. They always argued wherether it's cheese shreder, or cheese grater.

But - I changed my -out-of-control-&-completely-insane mind. True.


The thing-with-a-pulse bellow me likes Global warming. they have always thought the world is filled with cold blooded things-with-pulses. Now the world's warm.

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Yes... but not as much as grey or orange!


The person below me sleeps with a stuffed animal.

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False, he is not stuffed - he's for real!! :angry:


The person below me is as blonde as I am.

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True! I like coffee ice cream.


The person below me dinks coffe.

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False. Your the one that's supposedx to be scared of me! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :evil: :devil:


The person below me is mad! :grrr:

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