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Can I get some HTML help please?


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I've been working on my user lookup. I am a complete noob but giving it my best effort, I've hit a wall. 

1. I found this background image and I was able to get it fixed to the right of the page. However, the image is taller, and I wanted it to scroll with the page. 
2. The #main user lookup page, I want it fixed to the left and then stretch to the background to seem seemless.
3. I removed the collections section and would like to move my Neohome section to where the Collections section used to be. 

Those are the 3 things I am trying to figure out at this moment. Once I can do that, it will just be figuring out the pixel lengths to run flush and seamless.  This is the goal for today. 

Things I can do after I figure out these things. 
4. Put an image over my Neohome to replace the Neohome thumbnail, since Neopets took away my Krawk island Neohome thumbnail. 

Things already complete
Removing collections

Coding all 20 pets onto my page. 

couple other things. 



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