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The Playoffs

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The teams I think that are going to make the play offs are: Just useing the scores from the 4th

Darigan W24 D4 L1

Roo Island W24 D3 L2

Krawk W23 D2 L4

Shenkuu W23 D1 L5


the 5th place team did not have a chance to get in

Mistery Island W19 D4 L6


what do you guys think


Darigan, Roo island, Krawk & Shenkuu all scored a win yesterday, so I say all 4 is going to the finals.

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Nobody knows for sure who's really going into the finals until TDN says so. Other fansites (even ours, thanks to Vivi) have their own views on who's going through.


One thing's for certain, it 'aint Virtupets. :)

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