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Altador Cup Champion

Sloths End To Neopia and The Altador Cup

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36 days 18 lands. Players head to Altador for there Chance To Take The Cup. What Team got what it takes to Win. As The Altador Cup Starts. MeanWhile Dr.Sloth, Jahbal Mastermind Terask and Xantan Has a Plan To Steal The Cup and Destroy The Whole neopia and The Yoyyu's So They can't make it To Altador

We all know the Daily neopets Rules right?

Keep Things Rated G.

No GodModding Allowed.

Taking over the Persons Character Is Not Allowed.

Use Quotes To Understand What Your Characters are Saying.

If you don't follow the Rules You can be warned or Suspended from Role Playing

Happy Role playing

Here is The Forum

Played By

You are Allowed To Have Up To 5 Characters

Here are my Characters


Name Wizard Windelle
Gender Male
Team Meridell
Position Center Foward
Personality - A Very fast Offensive Tehnco That can score up to 3 goals a game
Played By Altador cup Champion
Name Yorris obbles
Gender Male
Team Meridell
Position Goal Keeper
Personality - A Energetic JubJub with lots of Stamina
Played By Altador Cup Champion
Name Mirsha Grelinek
Gender Female
Team Shekuu
Position Left Forward
Personality - A Strong Passer and Stealer
Played by Altador Cup Champion

Name Deryln Fonnet
Gender Female
Team Kreuldor
Position Left Defender
Personality a chatty Gnorbu that Talks Non Stop
Played by Altador Cup Champion

Name Montecito
Gender male
Team BrightVale
Position Right Defender
Personality - Tends To Play Dirty against Stronger Teams
Played by Altador Cup Champion

When We get at least 2 players from each Team We will Start

Here Will be the First Day Match Ups

Meridell vs Roo Island
BrightVille vs Haunted Woods
maraqua Vs Darigan
Krawk Island vs Lost Desert
Altador vs Moltara
Faerieland vs Kreuldor
VitruPets vs Mystery Island
Shenkuu vs Terror Mountain
Tyrannia vs Kiko Lake


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