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Anyone got that Psionic Singularity formula?

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wow someone figured it out! Psionic Singularity!



Per the NeoBoards:


2g Madvine (dessicated for like 1 second so the values are small)

8g Nova untouched.


You want the +/- values to all be zero.



I knew that guy had something on the right track with the +/-! W00t!

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great news everyone I finialy got the answers to our questions.


Here and enjoy


Ice Plasma: 1g bumroot, 1g sharpgrass, 1g nova (all burn/crush), 7g sharpgrass (untouched).


Platinum Mist: 1g sharpgrass (untouched), 1g madvine (untouched), 8g bronze (all).


Psionic Singularity: 2g madvine (des. for 2s), 8g nova (untouched).


Hope everyones happy :D

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