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Coltzan's Shrine


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Sorry about your luck, kaiandshadow.


I managed to get a dubloon on the 11th second, I think. Try clicking on the 10th, 11th or 12th second. You might get lucky with the dubloon then.

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The sand beneath your feet feels warmer than usual...

Awww.. nothing happened :(



Figures. I got a 2 dubloon coin yesterday, though, so I guess that fits.

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I can't remember what second I clicked this time, but I felt slightly richer. I feel richer than ever when I went to the Fruit Machine right after. I just made a topic for the Fruit Machine saying how rich I felt. I forgot to check how rich I was before Coltzan, so I don't know exactly how much I got.


(Monica, I'd try the 10th and 12th second too. Because around that group of seconds, I definitely got the dubloon.)

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I will do what I can to help you


You feel slightly richer!


I got about 218np today..

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