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Found 2 results

  1. OK, so I'm stuck on the end of Part 14 of the Altador plot in which you have to find a spellbook. Now, I've used SunnyNeo and TDN's spellbook finder and both have given me different coordinates for the library rooms. Now, here are the original coordinates for the Sleeper, as found in the star data provided by thedailyneopets.com: -279,290 -239,260 -199,230 -159,230 -199,260 -79,290 OK, so putting those coordinates into TDN's spellbook finder thing, I got these coordinates: 11,9. I went and checked the room and I didn't even find it. I checked again, nada. So, I'm like, let's check out SunnyNeo. I put the Sleeper's coordinates in there, and I got this set of coordinates: 11,12. I went and checked the new room, and still no spellbook. I even went around the room again just in case. Nada. Is there something that I'm doing wrong here? Or is this a...*gasp*.... glitch? ;) I highly doubt that it's a glitch but rather something that I'm doing. If anyone could help, that would be great. I can use it! :D
  2. I'm having so much trouble with the Spellbook portion of the Altador Plot. I've tried using the Daily Neopets spell book finder, and a ton of others and I've gotten different coordinates so many times. TDN said that my coordinates were 9, 84, another site said they were 9, 12 and another said that they were 8, 13. I've searched all of these rooms 10 times over and I still can't find it. My Sleeper coordinates are: (-40, 44) (0,14) (40, -16) (80, -16) (120, 14) (160, 44) If anyone can help me figure this out I will be completely indebted to you. Please Help!
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