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Found 4 results

  1. Hey all! I was curious if anyone has encountered this before or had this issue. I have the monthly subscription of Premium on Neopets, and for whatever reason it never actually renews itself. I have to manually go and re-purchase it every month even thought it says it's re-occurring, although that's not my main issue. I want to say about Sunday I purchased it again and it went through in my bank account, but it hasn't shown up on my account. Typically it shows up with a few minutes of me purchasing it and I've never had ANY issues with it. However this time, as of right now, I STILL don't have it. Which is annoying. I needed my SSW to purchase some items for my guild, I'm missing out on fighting Jetsam Ace in the Battledome which gave me Nerk's almost everyday which is one of my main sources of income on the site (besides Food Club when I don't crash and burn) and I'm just a bit livid that I'm paying for something that only lasts a month until it re-news again/ I have to pay for it again. That's 5 days I pretty much paid for that I haven't been able to use it. I've messaged support twice and only have gotten the stupid automated message that states they received my inquiry, but haven't gotten a response. This is REALLY annoying ?
  2. Do you have any questions about avatars? Are you seeking for any tips on how to get a specific avatar? Are you feeling unmotivated after so many tries to get one and want to tell us about? This is the thread for you! Get your questions answered here! I didn't find any thread alike this and I think it is a useful one so I decided to create it.
  3. LOL Ok, I guess since it hasn't been made yet, I'll make the first support thread for Maraqua! This is my 7th AC, and my 7th time choosing Maraqua. I'm a big fan of water-types, and such. My goal, despite having a busy June IRL, is to see if I can find out the maximum score for a game of Yooyuball, The question is; IS 18 points even POSSIBLE? That and try to help Maraqua win, and see if I can get to All-Star rank this year. I don't often play the support games, they take a bit longer for my liking. lol How about you guys? What got you to decide for Maraqua? Or what do you like about the team? What goals do you have for this year's AC XI? Good luck to all the players in the AC XI!
  4. HAUNTED WOODS!!! Welcome too the 2015/AC X Haunted Woods support thread! Here you can talk about how our team is doing or various things about the AC. You can also post your daily goals or your rank progress. Here we ghouls, ghosts, spooks, zombies and monsters can show our support for our favorite spooky team! There are only a few rules to follow when posting here though! 1. All TDN Forum rules apply here. 2. Anyone from any team can post here. 3. Have fun! 4. Don't eat the other teams or fans brains. GO HAUNTIES!
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