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  1. IS there anyway to use the Perk me up perk to get the choice you want. I keep getting ones I really don't want to use and it costs me 100 points. I've gotten Pile On 3 times. The only one I really want is More for Less .
  2. The Festival of Neggs Event has started. Here is the link. http://www.neopets.com/neggfest/
  3. Yes I also miss that perk. I took full advantage and bought stocks for 1000/share for a year. I like the perks that were posted by Neopets but were probably an April Fools Day Prank.
  4. I've gotten 2 healing potions and 3 codestones but no avatar. Maybe it's random or just certain items, not necessarily non-junk items.
  5. Thanks so much. It worked and I now have the avatar.
  6. TheGrundothatsaysnee says, 'Yuck! I'm not eating one of those!' and he is satiated .
  7. I can't get my Camouflage Chia to eat a Magical Pea Chia Pop so I can equip my Super Attack Pea. Anyone have any suggestions? Already spent around 90 million.
  8. I am having the same issue. Windows 10 - latest Firefox. Also I cannot collect my Boon from the Obelisk War. The page will not fully load so it will not let me push the confirm button. The Meepits are attacking, run for your lives!
  9. Experiment Log You don't look ready for another trial. Come back after 5 hr and 58 min to test another portal. Trial 1 TheGrundothatsaysnee looks like they were just colored Speckled.
  10. Has anyone ever figured up how many games you would have to play a day to make it to All Star status. I would like to win the stamp this year and support my fellow Kreludors,
  11. Has anyone else still not received their trophy or award items while contributing over 13,000 points?
  12. What if you didn't receive an email? I recorded over 13000 points and didn't get anything.
  13. An Avatar and a Stamp would be nice of course. Also some very rare items depending on how much you donated.
  14. Looking for a Elegant Ballroom Background? If anyone has one to trade.
  15. Is this avatar the same as last years or is it a new one?
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