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  1. I am now listening to my parents' ranting that I am an adult and it's time for me to move out and live separately))) But how can I do it if I have no money even for the cheapest couch?)
  2. I even periodically look at real estate offers in Italy. Of course, so far I have no money to buy it, but no one forbade dreaming, right? Maybe in my old age I will have a house somewhere by the sea and I will invite there (not often!) my grandchildren. And the rest of the time I will make the most delicious pasta in the world and drink wine while walking on the beach . But I also love the houses in Israel, it would be great to live in such a https://prian.info/israel/
  3. Are you happy where you live now? What country would you like to live in? What do you like and dislike about it?
  4. I'm worried that it's a risk, too. But a lot of people buy their first car that way and are happy afterwards. It's probably a good idea to start looking for a good mechanic. But I started researching the topic, there's a lot written about it. I would even say that it is interesting. It's true that you probably can't do without the help of a professional. But now I know about the existence of the vin-code and many other things, maybe someone interested here.
  5. Everyone talks me out of buying a used car. But everyone dissuades me. They say that it is a lottery. And it is possible that later I will spend a lot more on repairs. Share your experiences. Have you ever bought a used car?
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