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  1. I saw morphing potions several times yesterday and they weren't highlighted. Thanks for the input, though.
  2. Have you heard anyone getting anything off BMG? I haven't been refreshing that long, but I already think I should've done the extra bank interest...
  3. I'm guessing that the language trick (where you swap to make a pet eat a food or read a book it doesn't like) no longer works with beta? No matter how I change languages in classic, my inventory stays resolutely in English. (And there's no language dropdown in beta.)
  4. Found my final constellation, visited the janitor, visited the astronomy club...and the Darkest Faerie isn't appearing in my Book of Ages. Which is why I can't find the book in the archives to enter my spell to end the quest. Any thoughts? Do you think I should go back and redo the constellation in the telescope, or do I need to go back further? ----- Friday: JN's instructions weren't clear enough, so I changed to the ones on here. I think I have it, now.
  5. Name: SummersHeart (was stuck, but I grabbed her thanks to Lost & Pound) Species: Darigan Tonu (yes, I painted her just to get the BD avvie!) Status: Fed, cured of Neezles and UFA Requirements: None, but if you have a Jetsam to get rid of, I need that avvie too, so we can do a trade instead. Neomail: OhWow
  6. Grr! I'm out of practice, so even if I'd picked the right team, I didn't play ten rounds.
  7. Who else's brain didn't jive with the calendar and ended up short of their goal?
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