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  1. I would honestly also say the Ice (and to an extent, Mosaic!) pets are just fancy glass pets. It's funny to see the evolution of colors over time and how a lot of them play off of each other.
  2. Russers

    Last to post wins!

    Duma has been winning for a while.... I think i'ts my turn, now
  3. I'm in the same boat - welcome back! Were you as thrown off as I was by some of the new changes?
  4. Kinda glad I saw this - I almost forgot to join one!
  5. (crossposting from the neopets boards, too) Hey y'all Back when I used to be an insanely active player there were TONS of different adoption agencies all over Neopia. I'm not a huge fan of pet trading for myself, but I love fostering (both quick adoptions and picky ones!). I'm looking to compile a directory of pet adoption agencies as a petpage. If anyone has any they would like on it/think would be good to put on it, please let me know!
  6. I think my favorite this year was Daði og Gagnamagnið, but Little Big's was also hilarious and gave me huge Aqua feelings. I'm in the US, so it's never really "aired" here - we usually watch it online. It's a lot of fun, though! I heard that they did a like... eurovision throughout the years broadcast or something this year, where they celebrated past winners from the previous competitions. Conchita Wurst is an icon and I love them.
  7. So even though it was cancelled my friends and I had a cyber-viewing party last night to watch all the songs that would have competed and we voted to see who could have won. Did anyone else check out the songs from this year? Anyone got any favorites? Some of them were really good!
  8. Haha I'll definitely be doing the AC Excited to have an event to do - I came back right after the festival of neggs ended. Thanks for being so nice, guys. I really appreciate it!! (And I promise to be good! I used to be a mod on a few forums ages ago - thanks for doing the work to keep things running!)
  9. Thanks y'all! It's definitely wild. I can't tell if i'm just better at things, or if things are just slightly less competitive now. I've already gotten a couple new trophies and the changes in price on some items is wild (I'm sitting on a fortune of retired items, apparently!) If anyone has recommendations on how to get actually involved in this community I'd welcome them. trying to break into an established group is kinda nerve-wracking, heh.
  10. Hey y'all! I'm Russ. I used to be super active on neopets around... 10ish years ago. I more or less quit during college, and have barely thought about the site in the last 5 years or so. Lock down left me with a ton of free time and so I'm indulging in nostalgia :) I used to be a pretty hardcore member of The Neopian Orphanage if any of y'all remember that guild. Back now achieving goals I wasn't ever able to reach as a teen. Looking to get active in a community again, because I kind of miss it. Current goals are avatar and trophy hunting, and writing the story I started drafting all those years ago but never finished. Also filling the additional 10 pet slots they've given us?! Like wow. Feel free to ask questions or chat or whatever :D
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