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  1. All of the links are very helpful.. I have been reading and catching up. Thank you so soooo much everyone ? - you can add me as a neofriend if you like UN: marameow14 ?
  2. Yes thank you ? Too bad I cant remember my old account anymore, so I made a new one. Still exploring.. Oh I see that's what GBC is.. Hope someone can explain more about it here. Thanks a lot, jellysundae! ?
  3. Hello guys! I started playing neopets when I was in like 4th or 5th grade. I stopped during 7th grade because we moved to a new city and the internet connection was not yet set up and I totally forgot about it already since a lot of things happened. A lot of moving, highschool, adult life, family life etc. Now out of curiosity, while I was at work last week, I decided to check if the site is still up and running and to my surprise it looks the same as it was 10 years ago! OMG I cant believe it, it has the same font, same colors of the homepage, same pets, same games. it's like they didn't change anything just added more items, pets, etc. ? It feels nostalgic like it has taken me back to early 2000's. Now I am a working adult, I am back to playing neopets. ? I also joined some groups on facebook so I can catch up but I am sometimes confused with their terms like GBC's etc. I hope someone can enlighten me. ?
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