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  1. The SuAP is worth 150mil on the TP now! Will be a looong time before I can make collat (currently at 12mil....not even a 10th!)
  2. Whaaaa? It was around 10mil a few days ago! Had to pull out all my NP from my bank!
  3. Hello & Welcome! I just joined myself! ?
  4. 50 posts is more than fair! Thanks! I shall do! ?
  5. Hey! Just joined TDN Forums. Hoping to become part of the ALP (25 posts to go!) However, I am in a position where I can be a lender! I have two accounts: Furuzon & Frustrum. I have a Draik, pink Kougra, Halloween Lupe, Krawk, Fire Blumaroo, of age Harris, of age Slorg, a pet with an attached Mootix, Island Quiggle In the making (attached but not yet of age): Quadrapus, Gruslen, Snowbunny, Snicklebeast, Gruslen. A lot of the pets will be 2 for 1s (e.g. mootix attached to Snowbunny). Also enough NP to lend to get the Adam/Number Six avatar and the Sell! Sell! Sell! Avatar. What should I do to become a lender? ? Thanks!
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