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  1. In my personal experience, yes you have to "allow" each time you go to different sites in a new browser session, but once you've allowed (in neopets' case, just once each for the site and the mall) it is locked in until you close every last browser window (incognito also acts as a separate session entirely, so you definitely have to allow each time you open it), so it's not as bad as having to do each tab. If you never really close out your Chrome (apart from shutting down your computer) then it's not all that bad. Explorer on the other hand I can never get to work consistently. The only things affected by the flash are games, maps, wheels, and of course customization. Did you ever get the Customization for your pet to work?
  2. With the Shockwave x plugin no longer supported, are there any other suitable (and safe) options left for playing the games which still operate on it? I use Chrome, but I'm open to using Explorer if that's what's available.
  3. Thank-you for the gift, I will cherish it always! The Dark Vine Makeup looks *amazing* on all of my Neopets. I've put it on main pet and it looks spectacular.
  4. I got a Queen Quest last year, but I had to abstain. She wanted a rare Bruce stamp of some sort, and I was like "this is so not worth 50,000NP" (it might have even been 500,000NP). My pet was still under level 30, so it definitely wouldn't have been worth it. I do get what you mean though; due to doing all the faerie quests without paying enough attention, I pushed my pet level into the next Pirate Training school cutoff mark without having the other attributes trained up enough yet. Movement/Agility only matters for certain Battledome weapons.
  5. I forget what I got when I took this test before, so maybe I'll take it again at some point... [I'm pretty sure I'm a dark faerie though; where my night owls at?] Now to me, the answers to this seem quite logical/obvious. Hot chocolate or tea is heat, so Fire Faerie "diet" is also referred to on some promotional packaging as "light", so Light Faerie Ice water, clearly Water Faerie Carbonation is carbon dioxide (which while it is a gas, is counter to oxygen, but whatever), so Air Faerie Black coffee, literally just "dark"; Dark Faerie And "natural", which evokes thoughts of organic and greenery; Earth Faerie
  6. Sounds like a temperature. I always assumed in Sherlock that both were poisonous, but that the killer was immune because of his tumor/it was some sort of experimental medicine he was supposed to be taking anyway.
  7. I pick... number 25 with the username sienna_maiu I first heard of "tombola" on neopets back in the 90s, and I haven't heard of it anywhere else at all since. Ever since then I've always just wondered "the heck is a 'tombola'?" I usually just slated it to being some sort of island or Hawaiian thing. Edit: Oh and that was rude of me... I forgot to say, "Thank you!"
  8. The limit is indeed 70, which I have successfully done in the past, and recently (last month) was able to use the Quick Stock, when I only had about 800 items in my inventory. I have attempted to move even one item at a time with the Quick Stock, but no matter how many items I tick, I keep getting the message back that "Error: No actions selected!"
  9. I'll get right on that. Did you know if you have over 1000 items in your Inventory, you can't use the Quickstock?
  10. I've just sent a friend request! It would be great to get the theme, because I haven't had time to empty my Inventory so that I can buy the card myself ^-^
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