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  1. Remember when I was worried about joining premium because of fraud issues? Thankfully, they didn't happen, and I've upgraded my membership to being billed quarterly. Yes, I'm enjoying it, though it's mostly for the super shop wizard. That feature is a godsend!

  2. I got the 100K and the Trudy avatar! I've been saving up for an island koi morphing potion. I could buy it now, but I'm still going to save and just keep the 100K in my bank. Don't want to spend my prize (yet)!
  3. I got a red poogle morphing potion. It's worth about 10K. I decided to put it in my gallery. I guess that's the downside to magical items going down in value so much. How did some morphing potions get so cheap anyway?
  4. So, it turns out my interview will be at a middle school. I feel a bit speechless. I'll be going into a school from the "staff" side POV instead of as a student. I always wondered as a kid what that feels like.
  5. The name of the program is CNST. Computer Network & Support Technician. We learned things like networking, repair, building, security, and so on. Though, I was not good at networking. Thankfully, there are many other fields besides that.
  6. I am so excited and proud right now! I first went to college 5 1/2 years ago (Sept 2013), right after I finished high school. Didn't succeed. Dropped out after one semester. I was burned out from school and only went because my family wouldn't stop bugging me about it. Do I really need to say why that's never a good reason to go to college? I did want to go to college. Just not on their schedule. Floated around for some years, trying to figure out what to do with my life and how adulthood works (LOL; it never stops feeling unnatural, but you get better at it). Got a job in retail. After two years, going on three, of that, I finally went back to school, but I chose a trade school versus traditional college because I didn't want to spend four years getting a degree. No offense to those who take that route. I just didn't want it. I struggled toward the end of the program, but I got a 91 on my final exam and a 95 on my research project, both of which I finished quickly (exam was 100 questions I answered in 30 minutes; research paper was 4 pages I did in 2 hours by regurgitating text from my textbook, though not verbatim). In the end, I passed the program with a 3.41 GPA, which is an 89% (so B+). So I am good at school... when I like the subject! Eh, no surprise. I've been that way since I was a kid, but I paid my own way, so family can't complain. I have been over the moon since I found out the grades! What I have next is an internship. I'm nervous about it because it'll be my first non-retail job if I'm accepted (they're trying to have me start this week), but I'm also excited because I'll be working in a public school (or more than one; I'm uncertain). Which means weekends off! Retail has made hate the weekend! I want to love them again!
  7. "In any case, The Grey Faerie's story makes Cinderella's seem like Mary Poppins." I suggest you watch Cinderella III: A Twist In Time.
  8. I totally understand not wanting to make her look hideous, but at the very least, you'd think she'd look homely. She looks like she merely has bad fashion taste. Heck, take off the patches and darken her dress, and you've got a cute young(looking?) woman in a little black dress, which is definitely considered attractive. I did look at some old art, but even then, it's not the faerie herself that's ugly. It's still a matter of clothes. Take a look: She doesn't look as good in this picture, but she's still pretty. It's the rain, dress, and ruined make-up that makes her look bad. She still hasn't "lost her beauty". In this picture, she comes off more as a depressed person who hasn't taken care of herself for a while (which, in real life, is a symptom of depression; go figure). I agree about the idea of having low self-esteem. That idea reminds me of a friend of mine who recently told me she doesn't like her body because her belly isn't flat. She has a tiny figure and is - excuse me - freaking gorgeous! I was so shocked when she said she dislikes her body. You are your own worst critic and all that.
  9. A minor thing, but I was wondering what others may think, if anything. Grey faeries are faeries that have lost all their power and beauty, according to Neopedia. I realize beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but: This is TNT's idea of ugly?! Even as a kid, I thought grey faeries were pretty. At worst, she looks like someone who rolled out of bed (and didn't take off her make-up the night before) and even then, she's still pretty. I wish I looked that good when I wake up in the morning! Her dress isn't that bad either. Just take away the patches. Not to mention, for what's presumably supposed to be a ragged dress, it sure highlights her figure. I didn't know rags were form-fitting. So, at least in my non-expert fashion opinion, the only ugly thing is her wings, and they don't detract from her beauty. They're just there. Seriously, TNT, get a dictionary! This is not a faerie who's "lost her beauty".
  10. I have four. I use them for galleries and other pets.
  11. Two days ago, I finally reached a million neopoints! Now, I'm saving up for an eventide ixi potion. I want to keep at least a million in my bank.
  12. The Faerie Caverns. Every time, I've gotten a dead end. I'm bored of it.
  13. ...generous! I posted on the Avatar neobards about being loaned an FQD. I didn't ask for it outright. Just how much collateral would be needed. Someone loaned me the doll, no questions asked! That's the third time I've been given something without asking. Only for inquiring about it! I'm so shocked! Thank goodness she neomailed me, or I would've lost her username. I am definitely not rich, but if I ever get the chance to loan or give someone what they're seeking, I will forward to the kindness! I've been in several fandoms before and had to leave because they proved to be toxic, so Neopets is really the nicest community I've been part of!
  14. Thanks to a generous lender on the neoboards, I finally got the avatar I've wanted more than any other since I first started playing Neo as a kid.
  15. Won't say who, but a user here generously gave me the paint brush anyway. So, I spent nothing. I will pass that generosity on someday!
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