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  1. .. Not interested in buying into this gimmick. All it will do is result in destroying this game, When they should be first focusing on fixing the damn browser game and everything on it, No excuses. Mobile is NO replacement for pc.
  2. .. My freinds lookup your name on neopets, This trophy is only a 'site event trophy' rather than a game trophy. It will never be able to be looked up in the high scores area. The trophy is right above where the lutari talisman is displayed. : ) This post has been edited by a member of staff (Duma) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please do not bump topics that are no longer relevant. Per the reason above, this topic has been LOCKED.
  3. It was that whole 'mini' in the title that made it seem like it would be short, Brief, Sweet and then that site theme would be aquired. Ive overcome much harder flash games over many years on various sites after all.. Realized how wrong that was, Not that far into it. And im not someone who can let himself quit a game-mission like that once its started until the bitter completion. ..
  4. .. I did it for the starry-night-sky theme with the constellations in it. It was worth it.. But the price was monstrous..
  5. .. Not gonna lie.. I spent ALLL DAY on this plot especially because of the end, Paused and hours later randomly completed the gears portion in one try. .. I hate gear-puzzles. Theyre a nightmare that never ends in any and every game that no one who does it will forget for life. Some gamers like to complain about 'sewer-levels' .. Noo, The real bane of all videogames is gear-puzzles. Resident evil III's, Various ones in flash games, All of em. Evil..
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