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  1. Ahh thank-you everyone! I did consider the Quetzal (especially because I have a million of them in my SDB), but I think I'm going with the Maraquan Spyder... it's such a witchy little octopus and I love it! Gonna wait until I reach my current np goal before I go dropping money on a pppb, but I think it's gonna be a great fit. Thanks again guys! :)
  2. I really don't think they planned this story out very far, and now they're just making it up as it goes along, because I really don't think it has any sense of direction. It reads like a bad roleplay or something, and with the addition of the SS. Deus ex Machina, I am just completely lost. And Lyra is the worst kind of DeviantArt Mary Sue. I honestly think they were never going to have this plot, but push from the community pressured them into presenting us with this hot garbage in the leadup to their new app. Which, by the way, I'm hoping isn't going to be integral to this "plot" or site events in general. I only recently got my first smart phone, and even then I had to wait a while before Ghoul Catchers was patched to work on my phone... and that's not even integral to enjoying the site, but I was still so salty that I was missing out on 50k a day that I couldn't do anything about. I know it doesn't mean anything to shout 'that's not fair' because that isn't the way the world or even the site works, but I really think that JS is just completely tonedeaf to their audience's needs and wants.
  3. Or they could have had some trouble balancing this with the Advent Calendar. I know that the quality of the animations isn't necessarily the best, but honestly this year's AC has surpassed my expectations quite a bit and I think JS pulled it off really well. Obviously to the detriment of the "plot", but I feel like they're trying to appease the large outcry for more story-based plot content without giving themselves the time or planning to do it well. The most realistic predictions I've been hearing have been those saying that this plot will wrap up relatively soon. Not sure if this is part of something larger or if it's meant to tie into the mobile game coming out soon, but I can't see JS continuing this story too much longer.
  4. Please forgive me if I'm posting this in the wrong place! My Maraquan Hissi was painted using a Fountain Faerie Quest a while back, and was actually my first completed dreamie, but I still am having trouble figuring out a Petpet that matches her well. http://www.neopets.com/petlookup.phtml?pet=Xiahainu Queen of a one-woman kingdom and a heck of a fighter. Think more scary folktale mermaids, not Disney mermaids. I would definitely appreciate suggestions for her, as I think I've been trying to find a match for so long that I'm just completely overthinking everything. Thank-you!!
  5. Ahh good... that's a red flag if I've ever seen one. Spend your neopoints on someone less judgy. I really enjoy playing Neopets with my wife because our video game interests don't really overlap, so this is something we can do together when we're on our computers. Ooh yeah, and she's already going hard into practicing flash games lol. She's actually pretty good, and I won't be surprised if she beats me to some of the harder game avatars. Also jealous. We'll see. Thanks for the welcome, guys! ?
  6. Yeah, the first thing I noticed is the wonky proportions when they flip the face icons for dialogue sections. I thought it was standard to flip the canvas when you're drawing just to check that everything looks good (especially considering they actually flip it on the site), so it's pretty apparent they just wanted to get the images out as fast as possible, regardless of quality.
  7. Hello! ? Yeah, I wish I had gotten more guidance when I first joined (because I ended up learning a lot the hard way). She joined right when this year's GMC started and I had to talk her down a lot during the early challenges... many strong words yelled at her laptop haha. Overall however, she really is enjoying it, and I'm helping her work towards some really cute pets. We're also gross so if TNT ever sees any of our sappy love note neomails... I'm sorry lol
  8. Oof yeah, I really tried to read through this plot, but everything is so... meh. The art, the writing, the plot itself, even that maze game -- they're not even bad (which would at least make them interesting), they're just completely lackluster and uninspired. Even taking so long to get over the wall and out of the city could have worked if the dialogue had any kind of attempt at meaning or backstory, but it's the most generic meaningless conversation and I am with the majority in just clicking through so I can get the completion achievement. I get what JS is trying to do in bringing more content to the site, but I would have been willing to wait for quality (or at least for them to read the older plot comics).
  9. Hello everyone! I'm Uht (or Casual, if you're going by my long-standing Neopets alias), and I've recently started getting back into Neopets after playing on and off again for years. I'd really like to talk about the site more, so I'm giving the forums a try! I recently got my wife to create an account, but she's a first-time user and is still learning the basics of the site. I'm on an avatar kick at the moment, and slowly making my way through flash games I haven't touched in a long while. Excited to be part of the community! ?
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