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  1. some stuff for my new business idea. I want to create my own business and I read at https://spdload.com/blog/poc-vs-prototype-vs-mvp/ about POC, prototyping and MVP for business. Very useful tools that allow to reduce the risks and understand the market better.
  2. I'm an entrepreneur, started my own business some time ago. I found info about poc, prototype and mvp here https://spdload.com/blog/poc-vs-prototype-vs-mvp/ and decided to test my business ideas first to reduce all risks. Anyway it was the right decision.
  3. Ditto. Was hoping it would be a good watch.
  4. Titans.... surprisingly I am finding this quite enjoyable. Very little superhero action going but when it does its quite brutal in the punisher style, maybe not as bad and brutal but good enough.
  5. Love this game. Quite entertaining with nice characters. But my fav are syndicate casino online live games. I can win money while playing these games, so cool. Hope I'll win a jackpot one day.
  6. Just watched Aladdin 2019 Worth a watch but it not even half as good as the original, to me it seam shorter then the cartoon and they seam to have added more songs just to take up time instead of focusing on what was good about the original.
  7. joombo


    sounds cool. I love cooking, esp healhy food and try to cook every day. I read about food waste garbage disposals and ordered one for home use. So convy! Now I can get rid of food waste in a few minutes.
  8. I started making my own music and I just prdered pop and wind filter for Blue Yeti to produce the clearest music tracks. Can't wait to receive my purchase.
  9. Midsommar (2019) - 8/10 A memorable and sometimes shocking experience which is very artistic in style and presentation with lots of colour and powerful sounds. The story means it has more than a few similarities to other films of the genre, but has a fresh approach to them thanks to the Swedish setting and folklore. It’s not as horrific as it could have been, having a constantly unsettling feeling throughout instead, but the emotional acting and subject matter more than make up for it.
  10. Currently watching Gentleman Jack. I don't usually watch Costume dramas, but Suranne Jones is excellent as Anne Lister.
  11. I like travelling and I visit local massage parlours in every new city. What could be more relaxing than good massage! In my last trip I tried kiev tantra massage. It was probably best massage I've ever had. Amazing feelings. Their masseuses know their job.
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