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  1. I've literally written down my irl birthdays for the accounts so I can't forget / do them wrong. When i try the password reset it just states my accounts don't exist and I don't know why or how that is possible since I literally logged into them at around 12? Neither have I been handing out my passwords at all to anyone, they don't even hold the same password so.. it's really weird I can't log into my accounts at all and both give me the "Incorrect password".. for both I know the age, for both I know the passwords (yet they are different), I checked it more than once to see if I wrote down everything and placed in the right birthday but it just keeps on giving me the same- I know contacting neopets through their support mail probably won't do much since it's been well.. taking them forever to reply to users? is it possible this is a site glitch or something with my browser?
  2. No, I know for certain I've done it right. I literally write down the passwords I create for the accounts i'm using including writing the account name underneath it but.. I just can't log in.. (Irl, not pc) to any of my accounts, no side accounts or the main, all of them state the same and my Caps lock is off. I never turn on capslock for anything.
  3. Could someone check if my Main account got frozen?? For some strange reasons I can't log into my account while it was logged in earlier with the right password.. now I can't log into any of my accounts at all without getting a message that says that the password is incorrect, despite writing the right password. Checking it more than once.. + knowing the B-day's of the accounts.. but since I can't log in, I can't send a ticket, I can't see with a side account if my main is frozen etc.. I only re-call transferring one character to another account and that's it, not using any of the things you're not allowed to.. Does anyone know if this is a bug or if they freeze accounts this way?
  4. I was logged in as my Main account Anubisia_ on Neopets and transferred over a Neopet from xVixie- Now out of nowhere, I can't log into any of my accounts at all anymore. Anubisia_ is my Main account but each time I try to log in it says the password is wrong, I know the password, I know i'm doing it right.. Was I frozen?! Is this a glitch? I haven't logged into the accounts in a long while but now I just feel sad Dx I can't seem to log into it at all, I keep getting that the passwords are wrong even though they aren't, I've checked this, I even wrote down the passwords.. when I ask for my password to get reset I get a message that the accounts don't exist?!
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