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  1. Haha, yeah I was a bit thrown off by the new host for CC this year, but then once I read thru the event info and the backstory, I realized this is actually just a shameless Marie Kondo ripoff, all the way down to making the host character from Shenkuu, Anyway, just wanted to share some info here: the new CC Avatar is already active, it appears to be triggered upon 100 items donated. (I read 100 donations in one of the guides, but I have just donated in lots of 10 items each donation so far, and when I returned to the Hub page to pull the lever on my 11th donation there it was!) so I just wanted to note that it seems to be earned thru 100 items donated, not 100 separate uses of the donation machine. Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Charity Corner 2019' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! And with that, I'm off to start purging the SDB... Happy CC everyone!!
  2. I got the Rubbish avatar last year and I can vouch that items need not all be unique, you should get credit towards the avatar for all your multiples. The SDB Pack Rat avatar requires having over 1000 UNIQUE items in your SDB, is that maybe what you are thinking of, @Granny63020? Just to share strategy ideas: When I was working on the Rubbish avvie, I surfed around daily and picked up a whole inventory of items that could be found for 1-5 Np in user shops. I used the Item DB on JellyNeo to see what the absolute lowest worth items were, and just searched a few every day until I had my inventory full, then discarded the whole thing. It actually went faster than I expected and it didn't cost me a fortune. Good luck with your avatar - you may be close to getting it already ?
  3. I broke out a hoarded quest cookie to combine with the boon this week as well, and I've had that happen TWICE. I am basically refreshing everything because I'm gambling for a fountain faerie dip so I can pick up another rare pet avvie and on the first day I refreshed a dark faerie and got an air faerie, and then today I refreshed a fire faerie and got the grey (which always makes my heart leap because that's how I got my last fountain faerie dip) but of course, she called in... an air faerie. Anybody want to organize a little friendly footrace with these neopets of ours? With this kind of luck we've got to have the speediest little critters in neopia.
  4. RIP Taystie little cupcake... you lived a noble life and your sacrifice for Jelly's avvie count is respectfully noted. Seriously though, good for you, I'm still trying to get him to eat the dumb lobster but Turmy clearly prefers sweets to seafood!
  5. I just started playing stocks about 6 months ago when I went for the avatar and I've never seen one on my portfolio go over 100 before. I made a tidy 400k profit when I chickened out and sold most of my YIPP shares when it hit 80-something, I only had a couple thousand in YIPP anyway so it doesn't matter much. I agree though, it's funny how they get past a certain point and you stop worrying about it! It's just like, go on, do your thing, I want to see where you're going with this lol. Makes me wonder if the Neo market actually functions with any semblance of actual market variables or if it's a computer program running the whole thing and occasionally it's scripted to let one really get up there to keep people interested...
  6. I've been suffering through daily stretches of hanging out at the dump myself, trying to refresh something that will grant me the avatar. When I first started trying for this one, I found the JellyNeo avatar page that advises that only certain items are avatar-eligible. The faeries, petpets, and paintbrushes at least make sense to me, but the apple core? Really? Doesn't seem like that one belongs in the "It's not Rubbish" category! Unfortunately, I can't confirm a specific item that worked for me yet, but the wait goes on. Good luck with your avatar quest and if you do get it, I look forward to hearing what worked for you, I'm sure we are not the only two still frustrated by this one!
  7. I'm not into customization myself but that's a lovely dress! The overall effect is well balanced and very pleasing to the eye. Nicely done.
  8. I feel like a read somewhere that the Stock Market is supposed to update hourly, but that's not a guarantee that anything actually changes, just that is could. I just started playing stock market this last year and I'm sort of lazy about it... I usually check it when I'm doing my dailies and buy if there is something at 10 (I have the CC perk) but if there is nothing available at that time I rarely remember to come back later and check again. I agree though, it seems like sometimes a pack of them sit at 9 and 11 just to annoy me
  9. Did anyone else get a good laugh when they looked at the "Best Plot" nominees in the Neopies a couple of days ago and the Lyra "plot" was listed?? My first thought was "Um, doesn't something actually have to, ya know, HAPPEN in order for something to count as a plot?" Although, I noticed the other day that Fyora STILL has not been returned to the Hidden Tower after the WR plot, so maybe I shouldn't be surprised at how slowly the Lyra story is crawling along
  10. I'm kind of in the same boat as you, @jellysundae I tend to kind of forget that I have the bank and stock perks, and so I'm sure when they do run out I'll be sad. On the other hand, it's nice to have had them for the whole year, I was amazed initially that they were set up to last that long. It all depends on how high your bank balance is and how actively you participate in the stocks, but added up over the whole year that's got to be a huge gain for people who consistently used those features. As for this year's CC I'm on the fence. I did like the old style of rewards where you got items in return, although I recall being irritated at the time because I had very few r90+ items the first year I partook in CC and the r90's I got in return for those donations were all fairly common, low-value ones. I watched people brag about getting priceless stamps and weapons and just fumed I liked last year's format in the sense that nearly anything was fair game to donate. I know it gets extremely tedious donating 1-point items over and over and over, but I found the resulting near-total purge of my SDB oddly satisfying. After last year's CC I've basically been hoarding everything, because at this point it's not safe to make any assumptions about this event. Funny thing is, because there's no guaranteed formula for CC, TNT is inadvertently prompting people to hoard LOTS of items, which is basically the exact opposite of the "purpose" of clearing out the servers with the event. Wonder if it's worth it to them to have everything cleaned up and tidy for a week or two when CC ends, and then people start filling that space right up again saving things for another whole year. I also have a bunch of unused points from last year still sitting in the perks shop, but I'm just under the total for anything else I would want, so they will go to waste. I'm with @acmerasta, I wish we could pool point with others and donate them somehow so that at least they would get used. Seems to me that I recall a mention in the news or the NT about more options being planned so people could spend unused points, but obviously that never happened.
  11. I'm in for Thieves as well this time to help with whoever needs that avatar. Love these obelisk threads where everyone helps each other out!
  12. So the cooking pot can see the phantom items? The plot thickens! I wonder if any other places that show you everything in your inventory, like the toy repair shop, can see them? Good thing I'm not superstitious or anything, given all the lore about island spirits and volcanoes and such, I feel like I could easily spin a conspiracy theory about how these little phantoms came from Mystery Island to haunt the rest of neopia with their invisible tricks but they can be revealed by returning to their homeland to sacrifice items to the cooking pot
  13. I wrestled with that too, I don't normally spin the Misfortune wheel because you can't win anything that makes it worthwhile. It was just the easiest way to get rid of my inventory ghosts, because the Pant Devil comes up quite frequently. I felt the same way... it wasn't really hurting anything to have them in there, but once I realized they were haunting me, I was determined to get rid of them! By completely emptying my inventory of all visible, worldly items I was able to ensure that whenever I got him, he would steal one of the ghosts. I did learn to make sure my battledome pet wasn't set as my active when I did it though, because the wheel will occasionally make your pet sick I felt bad because I'm too cheap to buy most of the cures when the Springs will do it for free, but sometimes it takes several visits to the Springs to get a full heal and I couldn't battle one day because I'd accidentally given my battle pet some stupid disease with the wheel
  14. Do not be alarmed, neither you nor Bart has had one too many this morning! Well wait, maybe be alarmed, because technically your inventory is haunted. Hold on, let me explain... Back when the Binary_Supagoo bobbleheads were awarded during the AC, there was a glitch that caused a lot of people to get the one they were supposed to win, but also up to 5 "phantom" copies of the item. They were not visible in your inventory, but they took up space. Not long after the AC I was trying to buy something from a shop and got the "inventory full, no more than 50 items" message, yet when I checked I only had 45 things in my inventory. Finally figured out from a different thread on here somewhere about the phantom bobbleheads. I was able to get rid of all mine by going to the Wheel of Misfortune with nothing in my inventory (except the phantoms, obviously) and with enough spins I was able to get the Pant Devil and each time the message on the wheel said "Oh no, the Pant Devil has stolen your Binary_Supagoo Bobblehead". I just repeated this process every day until I had gotten him 5 times, and now my inventory holds 50 items again. So anyway, I'm guessing that's what happened to you too. So technically congratulations are in order, because you now have one less ghost haunting your inventory! Or maybe congrats to JS for being so good at breaking things that are still haunting us months later ?
  15. Wahoo! After a solid YEAR of playing the coconut shy, I finally took out my first coconut and got the avatar to boot! I almost missed it because the avatar notification doesn't show up when you use the sneaky back page link, and thats the only way I can stand to play it ? Preview New Av: Now if I could just get that lucky with the kiko pop one lol
  16. Threads like this totally make my day after a long crummy day at work ? I too cannot wait to see where this ends! The food Chias are so cute. There is also a Garlic Jub, which seems fitting somehow for pizza: Some of the Dimensional paint jobs appeal to me too, I think because they remind me of the cheesy neon lighted signs that were so common in American pizza joints when I was growing up. Back when people actually went out for pizza, instead of just ordering it in. Now all the pizza places around here are storefronts that do carryout/delivery, they don't have dine-in options any more.
  17. Love that name! What about a winged species? With drone package delivery being promised as the next big "thing" I can only imagine the hilarious disasters that will ensue when some pizza chain tries to go that route, but a flying neopet delivering pizza to your door would be fabulous! And bonus... no extended wait times while your pizza is stuck in traffic!
  18. I'm down to only Awakened left for the avatars so I'll have to go that route and hope for the best. Will be so glad to cross the last of those off my list and then I can actually enter based on which boons I want to try to win ?
  19. This lousy overgrown lizard is mocking me. 3rd plushie likeness he has gifted me in 3 days ? Just. Eat. The. Lobster. You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has given you a Turmaculus Plushie!!!
  20. This is hilarous @jellysundae, I recently started actively trying to get this avvie again and I picked my ill-fated petpet based on 1) I have a bazillion of them in my SDB and 2) because I thought maybe Turmy would mistake the little guy for a lobster dinner lol The_Dragon_Gourmet says 'You look delish!'... Turmy Food roars loudly! The things we do for these avvies, amirite?! Good luck baiting him with your little cupcake!
  21. I agree, I'm rather underwhelmed by the quality of the story and art so far. Personally, I always enjoyed the old-school comic style plots. And for as slowly as this story has been unwinding so far, with only one activity so far, I fear we are in for another WR style long haul ?
  22. For the last few days, I've noticed a lot of broken images on the site. Is this happening for anyone else? Item images won't show at all, or are showing as random unrelated things or even as avvie images. If it's just me, any suggestions on how to fix? If it's everyone, any theories on what TNT/JS has broken now?
  23. I've been so busy with work for holiday stuff that I have no time to play lately, I decided "scew it" today and took a morning for myself and FINALLY got an avvie I've been trying for ages to get lol. Silver Dice-A-Roo JACKPOT! WOOHOO! YOU WIN THE JACKPOT OF 3612 NEOPOINTS!!! Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Dice-A-Roo' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
  24. For what it's worth, Fyora is still MIA from the hidden tower as well. I know this has been referenced in the Editorial at least once or twice since the plot ended but it still hasn't been returned to normal. Welcome, lindydragon | NP: 22,443 | Logout The_Dragon_Collector » Customise Species: Draik Health: 183 / 183 Mood: extremely happy Hunger: satiated Age: 3,039 days Level: 91 Search Neopets Neofriends None of your Neofriends are currently online. You must be lonely. The Hidden Tower Baelia looks up as you enter, and her face lights up. "Hello there. I'm here to make sure everyone can still buy the artefacts they need while Fyora.. you know..." Her voice trails off and she looks down unhappily. "I'm just glad I could find a way to help out in our time of need. I've also been rearranging things here, so you may not find a few of the older items, but there are new ones that you really should check out." NOTE - Please only click on these items if you wish to make a purchase!!!
  25. That's fabulous! I hope your Grarrl has learned its lesson about eating your furniture :)
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