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  1. One thing I don;t like is that there's not much improvement to transition it to today's current tastes. Neopets should at least have a mobile app now.
  2. Today, I realized I failed as a gf so my bf left me :( This topic has been edited by a member of staff (hrtbrk) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep posts on topic. This thread is about Neopets failures. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules. Per the reason above, please review our rules.
  3. Oh no!! I missed it just by one day >_< Now I gotta wait again until next year :/
  4. Does that mean the purple haze will be gone too without me doing the plot? Don't really like this wraith resurgence thing plot.
  5. I am late :( However, I hope you are able to take care of your offline stuff!
  6. Wow, I love your gallery! I was actually contemplating on making something like that before but the items are quite hard to find! I was very into steampunk some years ago. But anyway, I think I will just create my own steampunk website. I found a really cool website which lets your build a website even without learning how to code. It's called the hPage website builder. Check them out here: Create a free website - hPage.com
  7. As long as there are enough players, Neopets will continue on. But I am sad that it's too outdated now. I don't know people who play Neopets anymore. Even I myself only go on there once in a while to destress. I hope Neopets intergrates itself with todays generation too.
  8. This method does not seem to be working anymore or I just couldn't get it right! Anyone with the same problem?
  9. How do I get a candy color pet? And also, how do I get a Lutari? I cannot seem to create one or find a Lutari in the pound or transfer a Lutari to me!
  10. swirlybits


    A sign on the Tombola says 'Closed. Back in an hour or so' Awww....it's always closed when I come on :(
  11. Since Anchor Management keeps spewing out these morphing portions of draik and pirate colored pets, will this mean that there will be a drop in the price of draik eggs and morphing potions?
  12. One thing that annoys me these days is the Faerie Mist thing I see in some pages. What if I don't wanna solve the faerie mist thing? Even my toolbar has turned purple!! I had the Valentines Day theme before. And yeah, also the captchas. Why do they put that anyway? So annoying. I just wanna view a userlookup for I can find a guild!
  13. I honestly wish they would have updated Neo Quest because it looks so updated now with all the graphics :( I have been on Neopets for more than 10 years now but I have never played Neo Quest. Maybe I'll do it these days just to get the trophy.
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