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  1. LOL of course, a stomach bug goes around, and I miss a plot *facepalm*...
  2. Lol, completely agree... very antisocial, immensely dislike such behavior. Why not just share? Sharing is caring. Except for glitter and germs. That's a declaration of war and biological warfare. In which case socks WILL disappear. Not a proper pair to be found. Muahahahaha
  3. Same. I'm nosy too, can't they update us every once in a while? Lol I still miss the old TNT, before all the ads and nickelodeon takeover. I love it because of how empty a threat it is bahahs
  4. Yea no kiddding Lol Lakecat and I were discussing wine soaked socks. Poptart started this delicious and long standing tradition since whack a staff member was first introduced, threatening to eat your socks with every successful click of a mouse. That game gave me my favorite avatar.
  5. Well I certainly made up for not restarting before that once this round ? I restarted it more times than I will publicly admit, lol woops.
  6. HOLY INFLATION, BATMAN! I paid like nothing for my stealth paintbrush at the time... and now.. who the heck is going to pay 6Mil+ for an old paintbrush? What the fruit. ETA: I have found my peoples
  7. I mean... it IS 2018 isn't it? Why haven't we figured this out yet? ? Though after watching some of the Boston dynamics videos making the rounds I don't know if I want all my appliances to be 'smart appliances' Has NOBODY seen terminator?!?!
  8. Welp, that was frustrating. First time I've had to restart the board. Yeesh. 8 should be interesting.
  9. Hi everyone! I've been playing off and on since like 2001? It's been a while and I feel old now, lol. Back when p. poogle toy was pretty much TDN. I unfortunately was a dramatic teenager and missed the fun of a lot of plots/avatars because.. well, boys. THEN working in dermatology for years was demanding. Not anymore!! I have 2 kids, and a Marine I need to escape from every once in a while and wine is expensive. I was really into collecting plushies for a while, now I just need to build up my bank account so I can buy things from the hidden tower. Really not sure what I've spent all my money on hah. Umm.. I have no neofriends anymore because half of them don't play or got frozen, so.. add me if you feel like it? I don't bite, just eat socks ;)
  10. Definitely easier when I can switch screen size to something smaller, makes it easier to see which pieces the wraith destroyed when I see the whole thing
  11. I'm using scarab ring and golden compass along with icicles and heal. Seems to be working okay. My pet is at level 38, hp 68, strength 54, defence 43 Still training trying to beat malum.
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