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  1. That's funny. The only ingredient I can get now is wraith blood. Trying to wring stuff out if the other guys and have no luck.
  2. Considering he did 178 to me at strong level in one round through a Hanso Charisma Charm, and I only have 138 hp, I doubt I can do much. Especially since I can only do 48 points to him a round at that level.
  3. Am just assuming there is some sort of "all of Neopia" cumulative wins total that has to be met to defeat the plot end boss. So multiple wins on easy are useful to the end plot.
  4. Well 178 in one hit on medium. Not even going to bother with hard. Just going to keep chipping away at him on easy.
  5. This could be one of those cumulative battles. Where the main has a lot of HP and each defeat reduces the total. So a win on easy is still useful.
  6. Over the bridge she went, I assume. Did not make it on the first try.
  7. Actually I was clicking on go to headquarters and was not getting a new murmur. Just now tried and I got a new location. So I think only part of the plot was activated when I first checked.
  8. ...and none of the 6 potions I have seems to clear them. Locations are Neopet Fruit Machine and Colzan's Shrine.... insert Jimi Hendricks lyrics here edit: Found two more, Tiki Tack Tombola and Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity. But no new potions to fix theses locations.
  9. There is more story dialog. Went into the wild woods and found Fyora and had to help her back. Sorry I forgot to take a screen shot.
  10. Well, I just went into the wild woods after Fyora. Had to rescue her too!! So I would say there a bit more story to tell.
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