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  1. Want to know something really weird? I came on to Neopets one day last week and my password didn't work anymore, so in a panic i immediately emailed the team with all of my backup info in case I was being hacked. After I emailed them I found a letter in my inbox about them requiring me to change the password. I have been playing for a very long time and this is the first time I have ever received an email from Neopets like that. Well, sure enough, the link was legit, they locked my account until I changed my password. I emailed them back saying "sorry, just found your email link, reset th
  2. Sometimes people tease other people to make themselves feel better, sometimes people tease other people when they are playing around and trying to be friendly, and some people are just mean. You have to decide what kind of teasing they are doing. Just ignore the mean people, but try to be friendly back with the other ones. Tell them, "yes, my mom is a little over the top, sorry guys, this is not worth fighting her about. I get "even" other ways, haha!" Almost all people have things in their life that they don't want to do, get teased about, and feel embarrassed about. Even adults.
  3. http://thedailyneopets.com/altador-plot/spellbook-finder/ This post has been edited by a member of staff (Mouseykins) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts at 7 words or above. Links do not count towards word count. Per the reason above, please review our SPAM rules.
  4. I played for years before I got that avatar. I never really concertedly tried for it, but I did donate 1np items regularly. I know it was in the thousands before I got it. Keep trying.
  5. I would love to join a faction,, but all of these flash issues wont let me. I have tried in 3 browsers. No luck selecting. I can get to the menu, but it wont let me pick one... sigh
  6. I am using chrome. I wonder if thats part of the problem. My mute buttons work for everything but expellibox, but that just started making noise about the same time kiko pop stopped working for me. Meepits indeed...
  7. Suddenly Kiko pop has stopped working for me. I get the beginning screen with the level choices, but it wont let me select any. The easiest level brings up the "do you really want to try the easy level" message, but the game wont load. I have been playing for months on this computer and never had any issues, no changes or update on my end I do not believe. Anyone have a solution?
  8. Someone have a link? i missed this...
  9. i received a keychain this week as well, but I went quite awhile without getting anything at all. I was starting to wonder too.
  10. I had to post to you because I am 5'10 and 203lbs. I have been tried many diets, because the prevailing thought is that the number on the scale tells me when I need to lose weight, and 200 is a lot for a woman. I could never understand why I would get heavy since I have always exercised, and I have a job that requires manual labor. I burn a LOT of calories during my day, and I am way more active than a lot of "skinny" people I know. I would lose weight and yo-yo back and forth, but I never really felt healthy when I was really skinny. I finally had someone explain that, and I quote "two h
  11. Mine is 0540 nst. I ended up making a spreadsheet to narrow down my times, and keep track of all the times I already tried. Now, if I could just get the final worm.... years. Its been years and I still havent got that final worm...smh
  12. Opposite happened for me. Was in the battledome and fought one round normally. When I went to pick my weapons for the second round the faerie abilities were there, but the weapons choices were just a single fist icon. And only one slot would even give me that. The other slot had nothing in it at all. Thank you faerie ability icicle, you are the only reason I finished the fight.
  13. Add me too! I have been playing daily for years but never added any neofriends. I think its time I broadened my game experience and made friends!
  14. No mist yesterday, no mist today. Checked and refreshed the achievement page, still nothing. Sigh. I wonder if its because I couldnt finish some of the other achievements on time....
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