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  1. I'm not a fan of her either but I think I read somewhere that if you remove her the avatar gets removed along with her, so you have to keep her as your shopkeeper if you want to keep the avatar. My shopkeeper is a darigan uni and I wouldn't exchange him for the avatar!
  2. I made it to All Star this year, however it still wasn't enough to buy the background from the prize shop - I was about 300 measly points short grrrrr! lol
  3. Well guys, we’ve got our work cut out against Kreludor today since they’re in the lead but let’s give it our best! I think we’ll do better this year as we’ve been winning most of our games so far. If we start strong next year we may be in with an even better chance as it will motivate us to maintain a good position. I’m not sure if I can make it to All Star this year but that’s what I’m aiming for anyway (if not there’s always next year! I’m determined to see the Darigans in the top 3) Go for 9 lucky_ants!
  4. Yay! So far I’ve managed to get three ranks up on my last years total so I have the hope of buying some good items from the prize shop by the time the tournament is over. I’m not very good at Yooyu Ball but I try to max out the other 3 games whenever possible. Does anyone remember what our final standing was last year?
  5. me too, but I intend to make up for it against Mystery Island so Let's kick some butt!
  6. Hi guys, I'm here supporting the Darigan Team too! We've been moving between 9th & 10th places, let's try to secure 9th place! GO DARIGANS!
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