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  1. Weird. I ask this because I had Rank 7 in a previous year and only ended up with a participation medal...
  2. How is it decided which trophy you'll get?
  3. Oh man... I'm using the keyboard controls and I usually switch to him in time to run in the completely wrong direction, leaving an open goal for the opponent to shoot into! Then again, I'm currently only Rank 2
  4. I'm keen to find out how well each member of the staff scored during Match 1. Here are the five I had on my roster. Forwards: DJ Skellington: 1166 Cherry Blossom: 1886 Defenders: Dark Lord: 1710 Kikocat: 1883 Goalies: Beast Master: 951
  5. I usually just let the opposition score an own goal!
  6. Nah I don't think so. Neopets fessed up that they accidentally deleted "some" of the sign ups. You can check out the news section for the latest update. Reckon it'll be fine keeping the items.
  7. They've now put an update on the news page too. "some" Anyway lucky I read that and signed up again.
  8. How long do we have before the tournament officially starts? I want to take my time to read but don't want to miss sign ups or any good stuff!
  9. I think what happens is that your scratch choices don't matter. Each card you redeem will have six results no matter where you scratch on the card. So if it glitches you can try all over again, but will get the same order and same result even if you try different combinations.
  10. I seem to recall playing with Krawk Island years ago, so maybe that's what I'll do again.
  11. Any idea when they'll allow the score and put it up?
  12. I've got the Sway avatar but I still want the boons!
  13. Thanks for the tips and congrats! Just gave it a go myself and stopped at just over 2,000 points. But looks like I'll have to wait awhile.
  14. I'm pretty sure I went years without checking at some point! Must have been really lucky with the purge settings. Up to around 19,000 NPs on Trudy at the moment but thanks for the advice, I'll check out Fashion Fever. At the moment I'm taking the long view and investing a lot in the stock market, about a couple of days away from owning 1m NP worth of stock.
  15. According to my NP profile page, my account is more than 15 years old. But in truth, I've probably been on-and mostly off for most of the time. Never been great at the game, but have collected odds and ends throughout my time here. This has probably been my most active period to date since I'm bored but mostly collecting dailies and saving up for a Secret Lab map. Gotta have a target, y'know. Sad to see Keyquest is no longer a thing, used to get plenty of loot from that at one point since I'm not really one for grinding endlessly in return for pitiful neopoints. Been using the neopets dailies page quite regularly so thought I'd check in to the forums and see what's up, especially with the Altador Cup kicking off again soon! (was never really much good at that either, to be honest!)
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