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  1. Amaterasu sits at her desk in the darkened basement of the Faerie Queen's Castle, small stained-glass windows being the only light. Ama didn't mind, her self-introduction to dark magic made her enjoy darkness much more now. Cold and dreary was now as warm and inviting as a chair near a fireplace. She checked her pocket-watch, her appointments were LATE. "Of course, just like last time." The yellow Krawk growled through gritted teeth as she shoved the watch aggressively back into her bag. She ran her claws through her blonde locks. "Hopefully, it won't END like last time. The Queen's maids complained that they couldn't get rid of the metallic smell for weeks." Her eyes brightened at the sound of the basement door opening but soon frowned at the individual as they made their way down the stairs towards her. "Oh, Lord Kass help me." Ama mumbled as she slapped a webbed hand to her forehead.
  2. Haha, great to know I'm not the only one and thanks for the welcome. I used to play this so much but when I was little I'd forget to write down my passwords, I've had memory problems so I'd forget the username and password easily. I must have, like, at least four accounts floating around or whatever. Heh, I tried my best with the intro. I guess I succeeded. :thumbsup: I'm not quite sure if all artists are insomniacs, but if so it's probably due to our artistic urges to create art with whatever time we can put in, even if we're sleep depriving ourselves. Shamefully, I actually skipped last night's sleep to finish a character sheet I was working on. :sleeping_02: I'm a bit spacey today now. Aww, thank for the gifts, that's awesome! (Jeezter was actually gotten from the Pound like that. I don't have the points for a new paint brush but I wouldn't repaint him anyway. The chipmunk look is too precious.) Oh, I don't have a faerie Krawk, actually. :laughingsmiley: She's a blue Krawk and I bought her some Faerie Wings accessory because I thought they looked cute. :wub_anim: Cool, I plan on having a lot of fun on here and Neopets. Thanks for welcoming me. Yeah, I understand that overwhelmed reply feeling, it can be a real pain. Haha, nice to know people understand my insane rambling above. All I could really keep thinking was, "Aw, geez. I typed a whole bunch of stuff and people are going to think I'm really weird." This post has been edited by a member of staff (.Brianna.) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please don't double post. If your post is the most recent reply and you would like to add something, use the 'Edit' button. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  3. Wish I had a Lord Kass plushie in real life. >///w\\\<

  4. First of all, hello to everyone. You can call me Gummy or Bell. I don't really mind which you call me more. I've been playing Neopets since I was about 6 or 7 and got back into to it a couple years ago. I finally decided to make my lazy way over here to the forums and actually make some friends and socialize a bit. I'm an antisocial, autistic, anxiety-ridden, sarcastic artist with a love for video games, drawing, and anything else that tickles my fancy. I'm quiet until the topic is something I like and then you can't shut me up. I get overly attached to inanimate objects like stuffed animals and books from my childhood. I'm the biggest insomniac and it's a miracle if I'm asleep before midnight. I crush HARD on fictional guys and literally spend the day thinking about if they'd return my affections if they were real. (Seriously, I've been crushing on some of them since I was a little girl.) I have a love of fire, but I'm not some firebug going around burning everything, more like adoring lighting fireworks and candles and even the simple striking of a match. I love all sorts of animals except spiders, they don't get any love from me. >:( That's enough personal stuff for now, I don't want to overwhelm and scare off people. As for me on Neopets, I'm the dorky adult who doesn't know what she's doing but loves the customizing clothes and paintbrushes. I also, depise the forums because, again, I don't know what I'm doing. I'm so bad at closings, um, feel free to ask me questions and whatever. (That closing was terrible. XD)
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