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  1. I was able to get into the Colosseum but i am unable to acquire the slice of pie.
  2. I gave it a shot but there isn't anything to click on that screen sadly. I even went to the shop wizard to buy the "Magical Healing Potion" for fun. Still no hope.
  3. I am on Part 12 of the plot where you go to the Alchemy Club to buy the Elixir of petpet healing. The first time i entered, Quibble had offered to sell the potion for 30,000 but i clicked Back to Archives instead of clicking the Elixir .Now when i go back to him, he doesnt offer me the Elixir anymore. It reads on the bottom of his image: "I suppose you could join. What? You've already joined the Astronomy Club? Well fine! I didn't want you in my club anyway!" Oh dear! It seems that by joining the Astronomy Club, you've upset the Quiggle, and he refuses to let you join his club! I visit the archivist and he tells me: The archivist says, "Oh my! What a poor little Vaeolus! I wonder what happened to his owner. He seems very ill!" The archivist clears his throat. "Oh, by the way, if you want to see all your previous clues collected into one place, I've made up a list for you here." I have run out of ideas on what to do. Ive retraced my steps and made sure i did everything correctly from there. And i have also cleared my cache and sign in and out again.
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