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  1. Thanks for the info and links. Just getting back into it myself so looking for all the information, and it seems a bit harder to find since when I last played during neopets busy point. And same about interpreting all the numbers, thats why I prefer to stick with other people bets, because they obviously understand it more than me ?
  2. A massive thank you for that link! Garet is actually who I used to follow back in the day, but trying to google I couldn't find any recent pages that were still active, even though I remember first finding him through google. Any other info about Phoenix? Im assuming they obviously make profit in the long run even with the risk or people wouldn't follow, but it dosent state the general winning over risk. Otherwise I might just stick with Garet as I used to get good winning there
  3. Its been quite a while since Iv been active, and it seems since then all the popular food club betters have stopped playing or updating. Is there any active food club bet pages any of you follow and use? I remember it being a good way to make some neopoints but cant seem to find any when I search
  4. Might have to check out the Pawkeet Pinatas myself. Just checked and I have 7 stashed away. Ill check back in and show what Iv gotten after when Iv had some spare time to get through them. Seems at this point Ill be increasing my SDB instead of minimizing it ?
  5. Thats a pretty good wishlist jellysundae. Ill have to have a proper look and see what I have in from them. With all your comments I think I might just hoard myself. Maybe sell off some of the more expensive, but keep everything else for charity corner
  6. So Iv currently returned to Neopets after a few years away. Looking through my safety deposit box Iv notice I have over 10,00 items. Im in two minds whether to sell off all the unneeded items or not, due to charity corner, fairie quests and such. What does everyone else do? Keep or sell depending on prices, keep to a minimum or hoard everything?
  7. I got it from the Snowager. I also collect avatars, but most of the stamp ones seem quite on the expensive side, so they would probably take a while for me to get. Honestly, if i knew the stamp would end up costing more in the future i would stick it straight in my album, so as not to have to worry about buying it later, but if it were to go down then i could sell it now, make the profit and rebuy it later. I'v just never really collected the stamps, so I'm not particularily sure what to do with it.
  8. I just got a Snowball Fight Stamp while doing my dailies, checked around to see how much they are going for, which seems to be 700k on TP Now I'm unsure if that's reasonably priced or just being hopeful by the sellers. So, unsure whether to keep it and stick it in my album or sell it... I'm not an avid stamp collector, but do have a small collection. What do you think I should do? What would you do?
  9. I keep having the exact same issue with the NC mall. I noticed it hours ago when I first tried to play Qasalan Expellibox, but if you try to re-click on the mall when your on the page it lets you go through under your account.
  10. I also sent in a ticket, like 5 minuets after originally posting this. After not having it happen previously when playing, and not finding anything else online about it, I assumed it must be a glitch. I did however receive a message saying my game had been reviewed and my np sent to me late last night. However I don't know if my ticket has been reviewed yet. At least if it is a glitch, and we are all sending in tickets, they know we are not trying to take advantage of it, which was what I worried they would think when reviewing my score.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Last thing I'd want is my account getting frozen over a mistake with a possible glitch. I wouldn't have worried so much if it didn't get sent to be reviewed. Just the few times I have played it, its never happened before, so i didn't want to get caught out by the rule of benefiting from a glitch if that was what happened.
  12. So, I was playing wrath of the snowager and caught the eskimo chia, when all his items flew out at once. I was on 70,000 points before but it took me up to 400,000. Being well over the ratio to get 1000np, I ended the game, but then it stated my score is being reviewed, possibly because I wasn't playing for long because i was on hard on a higher level, or because my highest score before was only 280,000 points. Now, I'm worried they will think I cheated and freeze me. I don't know if it was a glitch or what as I don't play the game often. Is it normal, or should I be worried and send a ticket stating what happened? Iv never had a score reviewed before. I wouldn't even know how to send a ticket...
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