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  1. Happy holidays! I usually lurk on the TDN forums, but I think this is an awesome idea ? Here's my wishlist - I'm excited to go look through everyone else's! https://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/neonoqueen/ Also I didn't have any trouble opening Mouseykins' wishlist. Maybe try a different browser, Granny63020? Edit: You guys are so sweet! Definitely feeling the Christmas spirit (despite how warm it is where I'm at!) Edit 2: I'm so sorry but I have no idea what I did...I accidentally sent back all the items that were sent last night by trying to delete the event notification? Many apologies! It was not meant to be ungrateful - just the actions of someone not gifted with computers, evidently xD Edit 3: I figured it out, thank you!!!
  2. I agree with you that Jumpstart needs to do something regarding the security issues, but I think there's a better solution than the reCAPTCHA. I admire JS's attempt, but the reCAPTCHA creates far more problems IMO than it solves. Can't they detect and ban auto-refreshers? I'm no computer science person, so I don't know if it's possible, but I feel like there should be a way for JS to detect which IP addresses are causing their system to lag and then ban them as such.
  3. I apologize if this question is under the wrong section, but I didn't know where better to ask. I am really, really, REALLY hoping TNT realizes how much of a mistake they've made and removes all the reCAPTCHAs, but if they don't, I'm not sure what to do. It's way too tedious to have to verify that you're human just to visit a userlookup, not to mention the fact they don't work on some computers and are problematic for those who use Neo in English but have another first language. Is there anything we can do about it? Should we just continue letting TNT know how we feel?
  4. I still need the Order and Thieves guild avvies, so with the Order I went :D
  5. One of my favorite pieces of advice is to watch the faces of the flight attendants, especially during turbulence. They are always so calm, and it usually makes me feel better. I figure that they've been flying for long enough that if something is actually worrisome, it'll show on their faces. Have a great flight! I studied abroad in Germany last semester, and I loved it :D
  6. Aren't all of Talinia's attacks ranged? I never really understood how that one worked. Shockwave seems better to me since it works pretty often, but I upgraded her "Increased Damage" skill to 15 before I moved on to anything else. However, it's definitely worth mentioning that I only ever completed NQII on Normal mode. It's quite possible that ranged attacks are more important in InSaNe mode. Either way, good luck!
  7. Haha mine has been doing the same thing. I also changed my language to German in order to get my pet to read a book, and then it wouldn't change back! I had to switch it about 15 times before it finally stayed in English.
  8. 9, 12, 102, 117, and 210. Thank you so much for spreading the Thanksgiving cheer!
  9. Buried Treasure costs 0nps today...I'm assuming that's because its Neopets' 16th birthday. Either way, have fun playing! Hope you hit the jackpot :D
  10. The purple Vandagyre is actually super pretty! I'm debating getting one now ^_^
  11. From what I can remember, it's been like that for a while. It always bugged me whenever I picked something up from the Money Tree, but not enough to get me to do anything about it :/ Talk about a free rider problem.
  12. Garet (a.k.a. garet_jaxx) bet the other day despite knowing that the odds were bad because he had been on vacation and wanted to get back into the betting spirit, so I wouldn't give up just based on that day :) Also, there have been numerous upsets in the last week and lots of the big FCers have busted (as well as little ones like myself). That being said, FC is a ton of fun and worth keeping an eye on. If you ever have any questions or just want to discuss the bets with someone and the reasoning behind them, feel free to join the board here: http://www.neopets.com/neoboards/topic.phtml?topic=157337847. Like Siniri said, we're always hanging around the HC.
  13. The pastel Ruki is pretty except for the fact that its head is a completely different color than the rest of it. Did someone forget to fill that part in?
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