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  1. I've heard of people getting old accounts back recently. If you know the email and birthday you used they may be willing to reinstate your old account.
  2. As others have said, this is really quite generous and thoughtful of you. Having had my account taken over last year and that person taking almost everything from me, it's always nice to see the opposite extreme to reaffirm myself that neopets isn't full of just cheaters.
  3. I wish that all of the clutter in my head would quiet down so I could focus on starting my own business, kudos to you for making that commitment and unburdening yourself from one more meaningless thing. Neopets is fun, but in the scheme of things just playing the game will isn't doing anything to change the world. I haven't even played in the last year and have barely missed it, but with December here, I like to collect my Christmas goodies, since I don't always get so many real life ones. As I've been away for so long I don't know that my wants are very up to date, although I suppose I still want all of them. The 2 biggest things I'm always on the hunt for when I'm active are petpets and stamps I don't have. Wouldn't mind painting my pets either since they're all very basic. Again good luck on with your business and congratulations on cutting the neo cord.
  4. Probably the most famous person I've met was Angelina Jolie, but I also rode the elevator with the cast or at least the Hobbits of the Lord of the Rings and Peter Jackson. Met Orlando Bloom on a different occasion, he was with Kate Bosworth who he was dating at the time. Toby Maguire, the original Spiderman for you young'uns. He's super short, we were standing next to each other and he looked at me like, aren't you going to say anything. I suppose it was when he was at his most famous during the Spiderman films. Jamie Foxx, Kevin Smith, Colin Farrell, bought died that day. My favorite though might be Queen Latifah, cause she gave me a little wink. Tim Burton who is just like the biggest jackhole ever. Taye Diggs, who might be the most beautiful man ever. Ben Stiller, Forest Whitaker, Zachary Quintos, Betty White and the other ladies from Hot in Cleveland, so many more that I can't even think of at the moment. Wayne Brady, ironically enough. I was an audience member on his show back when he had a talk show. Likewise, I've been to Ellen, Craig Fergusen and Megan Mullally a few times when she had her short lived talk show. Actually walked to her show since it was filmed down the street from me. Good times!
  5. I think it's really cool that you are "celebrating" Thanksgiving, even though you are from Belgium. Do you have a similar holiday? 20, 66, 73, 194, 231 Cheers!
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