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  1. Yep, I use the avatar checklist here, and update it with each newly acquired avatar. I'll try that out! Although my "obtained" total and the total on my profile page match. Won't hurt to try, though :)
  2. Yep, I did. It's nowhere to be found! I guess it's just a mystery..
  3. The only reason I spin the Wheel of Monotony is to get the avatar, which you can get by landing on the "?" spot. To my surprise and excitement, I landed on that spot today, and it said I got the avatar! But then, I checked my avatar count and Neoboard preferences, only to find it wasn't there! Has this happened anyone else??
  4. I feel like it taught me about saving and goal-setting in a way! As in there were a bunch of expensive items I wanted when I was a kid, and since I was kind of a nerd I made up plans for how I was going to make a certain amount of NP each day until I reached my goal, so I could predict how long it would take me to get it. It also helped me not to be so impulsive in buying other things ;)
  5. Hi Victoria! So nice to meet you! Feel free to add me; always happy to make new friends. :)
  6. I was able to read the book to my pet just now... maybe they changed it? :)
  7. This is actually my first time participating in the Altador Cup, and in the Staff Tournament! These are my picks... Forwards: DJ Skellington / Lawyerbot Defenders: Kikokat / Bancha Ninja Goalie: Breik
  8. I can't believe I never thought of just pressing the back button haha xD I will definitely be doing that from now on... I still hate the drop-downs but at least it will save me some time!
  9. I'm with the others... I was definitely one of the lurkers before. I started becoming more active relatively recently. I agree that Neopets becomes better with age! I think especially because there were things I didn't really pay attention to when I was a kid, like the stock market, which I'm way more into now. Also, before I thought I was super rich when I had like 20,000np... those days were awesome!
  10. Hi! I've been on Neopets for quite a long time too, since I was a kid xP I must have had a different account way back when I first started than the one I have now... but the memory of it has been completely lost ;P Oh well. Same as you, I play on and off. Mostly I am not on Neopets all that much haha, but occasionally I become more motivated about training my pet, getting avatars, etc., and come back on for a while. By the way I love your pets! I've always liked the colors of the Faerie Pteri. Anyway, welcome to the forum :) I'm relatively new here too, but it's been a good experience so far!
  11. Hello and welcome! I'm relatively new to this site as well, since I joined late last year. It has been pretty awesome so far. I see you have a magma pet, which is awesome! Eventually I want to try and find my magma time ;D
  12. I hoard tons of stuff as well! Mostly food... I've definitely got enough in there to feed all my pets for quite a long time. I've been wanting to get the Rubbish avatar as well. I'm not sure about the "extended period of time," but I've read a few guides on getting the avatar and they usually suggest having a ton of junk items (like 1,000+) in your SDB before attempting to get the avatar. Then you withdraw all the items, and use Quick Stock to discard 70 at a time. So basically you would be discarding all of those items in one sitting, rather than over a long period. I have yet to try it since I'm still trying to get at least 1,000 rubbish items, but hopefully it works!
  13. Do you use a Mac or a PC? I tried to do that on my Mac since I've been wanting to find a faster way to do this daily and this gave me hope xP Same, I also haven't gotten either! Really hoping to get them both eventually, haha :)
  14. Definitely Order of the Red Erisim! I joined them for the last round but they didn't win... hopefully better luck this time ;D
  15. It wasn't today, but a couple days ago I finally got the Chocolate Usul that I always wanted! I had been using a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie (I never buy NC items but I had some NC that I'd gotten for free) to increase my battle pet's stats, got a quest from the grey faerie, and since her rewards are random I received a reward from the rainbow faerie. I could not believe it :) Now I just have to figure out what background goes best...
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