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  1. Wow congratulations! I had no idea the prizes are so good. What are you going to do with the brushes?
  2. I just got it too!! Except I couldn't be bothered to go for the trophy score.
  3. Oh my goodness, I absolutely adore ee cummings! On the wall in my room I have around 100 poems tacked up, and a good lot of them are him. I guess I'll post one of my poems while I'm at it. Poets do not write because it is easy. We write because it hurts, because every letter brings sadness and freedom. We sigh words and build towers, sprawling cities and flowering beauty at our every touch. Creation may be the greatest mystery of the world, But have no doubt of our fabrications. We write to tell. We are tears from too old eyes, staring blankly at a world wiped clean of meaning We are the scribes, the critics and the virtuosos The tellers of tales long dead, which have yet to be discovered. Listen close and hear the echoes of the past crying mercy. We write to share. We are the smell of space in the wind, the creak of time in the water. We fill the gaps of what was and is, stuff them with words and sew them with lullabies. Run your fingers through a poem and feel the fault lines, See where even we went wrong. We write to close the lies. No, poets do not write because it is easy. We write because we must.
  4. DoN is down, so you're unable to get advance in the story, or to get the Meerca Henchmen avatar (although you still can battle them). However, Ghost Lupe, Kasuki Lu, Meuka, and the Black Pteri avatars are all still available.
  5. I'm sad that Habi's going, but I also think it's really necessary. It'll definitely be beneficial to the economy, and hopefully prices will deflate. The stock market might also go up, which would be great for me, because I've been in the red for weeks after investing for the avatar!
  6. Just wanted to let you know that the avatar isn't available right now. Since Defenders of Neopia is down, the avatar is too.
  7. You can use dress to impress: http://impress.openneo.net/ It has a database of every item, both Neocash and Neopoint, and you can see what items are wearable for babies.
  8. I have a Blue Bori Morphing Potion, which has turned out to be significantly harder to sell than I expected. I was told on here earlier that I should hope for around 300k. Someone offered me a Sloth Parachute Toy, which is selling for around 250k, as well as Birthday Streamers which is selling for around 150k. Should I accept? I'm worried that they will be hard to sell and then I'll wind up back where I am now.
  9. Ugh, that's what I thought. It's too bad, I was really excited for about 2 seconds because I thought I would finally be able to get a Draik before I realized. Oh well, at least y'all Draik owners got some new colours and clothes!
  10. It's too bad about Habitarium! I'm at level 44 and was really looking forward to hitting level 50 by the end of the week, then being able to chill out and enjoy 100k a day. But I am excited that they're finally making the move. I hope this means lots of fixes in the near future!
  11. They won't be releasing any in the Create a Pet page, right? You have to hatch them from an egg?
  12. I would Same! There's so much stuff that really needs to be fixed, such as the Battledome, and Habitarium. Then I would put a sent folder into Neomail, because it drives me absolutely crazy that there isn't one, as well as make it overall more accessible and user-friendly. Lastly I would just get to work on all of the tihngs, big and small, that the users want. I've heard a million different complaints about Neopets, most of which would be easy to fix. I would just try to get in touch with the users and have them submit what they think could be improved. And I love fullonparanoid's of having an amalgamated main and side account!
  13. Oh wow thank you! I'll go change that in my original post too so people don't get confused.
  14. I didn't realize that! I found out about this one from the neoboards, and if I hadn't seen it then I probably never would get the avatar!
  15. Hey guys! Just wanted to let y'all know that tomorrow, Sunday September 7, there will be a 644 day old Darigan Pteri: http://www.neopets.com/petlookup.phtml?pet=Lightshow So you can get the avatar as of 7 AM NST! :woot:
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