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  1. Yeah, that's my concern also. The only viable options I found were quite expensive but I might just have to go down that route Yeaaaaah, Probably not going to risk that one just yet eBay seems to be the way to go even though I've heard a few concerning things from there as well
  2. So, I have been avoiding getting this avatar for a long time as I knew I needed to purchase something I don't have access to and I would need to actually be able to beat the Space Faerie. I am now able to at least accomplish one of these things Does anyone have any tips on how to get the code? I have been trying to find some places that sell online but nothing ships to my country ? Or maybe someone knows a seller who would just give me the code via email or smt? ? Or if anyone has a spare code I would love to get my greedy little hands on it (sending the item I receive back ofc). If anyone has any tips, please let me know! ?
  3. Yeah, it no longer works for me too ?
  4. Yeah, glitched for me too, 0 points ?. And wooooow, this process is long and tedious
  5. I am so excited! I heard that if you only missed 1 day you were still eligible for the full prize so I neomailed them and just heard back from them. I got the better trophy and stamp!!! ? That just made my day If you only missed the first day, try emailing them! Now if I could only find the energy to play the Altador cup. ?
  6. Yeah ? I'm probably not buying that one
  7. I am sooooo upset I missed completing the "Complete all 8 Fiendish Formations puzzles on the day of release." task by AN HOUR. Not only did I lose the avatar but now I also missed out on the stamp and the cooler trophy
  8. I "got" the slushie, however, it's not in my inventory. Oh well, I'm just happy about the avatar
  9. So, I got the avatar as well. I thought it was retired? ?
  10. So this horrible moment happened when I attempted to send my score ? Moral of the story, never leave your page open with little ones around.
  11. As an avatar collector, I am devastated that I missed the fiendish formations avatar, by half an hour no less!
  12. If you have the throw pillows ability, it really helps. It will take multiple days but you can defeat him ;)
  13. There is no way I can win on hard Any tips?
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