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  1. Yay! Welcome back Pedro!! :D I'm also glad about the roster staying the same, I don't know what I'd do if cayle left lol, he's my favorite :)
  2. Welcome to Team Lost Desert. Weither it's your first time here or your a new player, feel free to chat about LD! Let's win this thing mummies!!
  3. That was harsh, and I wasn't even on team faerieland!! The 2 major problems I have with the bracket system (besides cheaters) is 1. It's impossible to play every team. Something I missed from the old double round robin. Also, if my team is doing fantastic for the first 2 brackets, and loses the last 3, we'll probably end in a worse position than if we had the same amount of wins, but won the last 2 brackets. Why not make all the brackets the same amount of points? That bugs the heck out of me.
  4. Yep the game have stayed the same, Yooyuball got an upgrade in ACVI. In ACVII they introduced the new bracket system for scoring, it's pretty universally disliked/hated. And also the staff tournament changed in ACVI. So quite a bit has changed but the basic premise is the same :) I also disliked the staff tournament prizes. I did like the Yooyus for each team last year but that's it. I'm interested to see how they're gonna make the brackets system even a slight bit good. I've always hated it. I'm really looking forward to this year as if tnt does make the ac fair, it will be the first one i
  5. Hiya! I'm Desertfreak. I'm wondering if there will be a AcXI thread. I need to set up my Lost Desert Support thread. Lol thanks!!
  6. Well. I'm back for my yearly return to neopets for the AC! :D As you can tell from my name, I'll be support Lost Desert for my 9th year in a row! I'm as always going to try and break my record from last year. So Lvl 17 this year. (Dear gosh please help me lol :p) and also going to run my own tournament cause brackets are back . Anyway. Go Lost Desert and good luck to everyone!!
  7. So the prizes for the staff tournament for AC X We're released and the superhero mask description says this... "Im here to fight for truth, coffee and a Habi app." With this mask on, you can say just about anything. So, is habitarium returning? or am I going crazy and imagining stuff?
  8. Well yeah the title explains it all. Name some wacky things you say. Only one per post though. To keep the game flowing :P My most recent funny phrase was, "I wish I can hack the world to make it 2:00 PM tomorrow so I can sign up for the Altador Cup." So, whats your funny stuff? Lets hear it!
  9. So I wanted to make a game so I did :P Here's how it works Player 1 says a random word player 2 makes a definition and says the next random work Player 3 does the same as player 2 and so on... EX: Player 1: Smekeldorfed Player 2: To get tricked and or fooled. Gammared Player 3: A red lazer blaster Get it? I'll start Lobsterpie
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