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  1. I used to always just do it through iTunes - you can convert music bought in the iTunes store. First make sure you have the import (like importing a cd) on mp3 - go out to your main library and select the song then to file>convert>create mp3 version. You should be able to multiple songs at once. Hope you get it figured out either way!
  2. I don't even remember the color my Daynadia started as lol. She is Eventide right now though (and still dressed for Halloween:)). And in the past has been Christmas and Faerie. I have another Eventide MP incase I decide on a change. I used to really like the plushie and baby..
  3. I think I've won neocash one other time.. I can't remember haha.
  4. I worked at the BIG box store, that ends with "Mart" for a while.. and I would cover the customer service desk... Shoes were returned covered in mud and torn up, pretty sure they were outside the return policy (for cash back, not another pair of shoes even). Just nasty worn stuff in general sometimes, but they kept the tags. But they scanned, so we took them back. After we switched to a super big box store - people would return food from the deli after they ate it all because it didn't taste "right". People returning their layaway purchases so they could get the cash back - pretty common. Once I had a customer yell at me because the system wouldn't let me cash their check, they had hit the max for that time period. Not sure about the two (in different cities) that I worked at before this one, I only worked on the floor at those. :)
  5. It does sound like the cord. I wish mine was the cord, but as it works on ac power and no charging at all... And I do not believe it is the battery (2nd battery I've had), since coconut battery says it still has 97% capacity. Ah well, first major problem I've had with it that apple won't take care of (Got the original battery replaced and the palm rests replaced).. being that it is almost 10 years old lol.
  6. Hmm.. First time I've had a morphing potion from here that wasn't just a basic color.
  7. I'm pretty sure you can have the wheel of monotony open in a different tab or window. I do all the time, and JellyNeo says you can. :)
  8. My twitter was hacked last week, and then Sunday morning I woke up to an Amazon review I didn't make. So I went and chaaannnged all my passwords. I think the twitter was hacked because I don't use it often and they posted an ad to see if I'd catch it.. Not sure what was going on with the Amazon review since it was for Windows keyboard that I'd never look at in a milion years , nor was it available. I assume it is like @GillyTook says and that is probably also what they do to find credit card numbers that work (happened to me a couple of years ago for that).
  9. woo, just browsing the neoboards.. best RE I've gotten in a while lol
  10. Oh my gosh. I need to buy those for a birthday present for one of my friends!
  11. Wow, congrats! I won a paintbrush from there a long time ago, I still have it Mainly because I'm a bit of a hoarder.
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