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  1. Thanks for letting me know about the Quick Stock feature. I have no idea why I never knew about that, so that's going to save me a ton of time now. I'm still not a fan of the free gift boxes. I get some people find them really useful, but I never bother with NC items, so I wish there was an option to discard or donate them at least, that way people could pick them up via the Money Tree or something for those who do want them.
  2. I agree with the mobile app thing. That should have been handled years ago when smart devices started to become popular. I can do most of the freebies on my phone, but when the Advent Calendar rolled around, that was the one I couldn't do on my phone at all. I really dislike the inventory, tbh. I don't like how after all these years you still can't select multiple items and then decide what to do with them. I'd love a feature that allows me to select several items and all move them into my shop at the same time instead of having to do it all one by one. Also not a fan of how I have like 50+ empty gift boxes in my inventory from Trudy's Surprise that it seems like I can't even get rid of. They barely do anything with avatars anymore either. I like the avatars, but I think if they want a way for members to keep coming back and not just playing primarily for the freebies every day, they should try to create some sort of reward system. It doesn't even have to be overly complicated, and could use avatars. It would just create more of a focus on them, where like maybe once a week there are a couple you could get for playing certain games and reaching certain scores. Obviously nothing too high, because I think that's the issue with the avatars now, is a lot of the goals you need to accomplish for them are ridiculous. I can't get certain pets if I already have all the pets I want, or looking at certain pets look ups at certain days, or getting a ridiculously high score on a game. Yes, it's nice and all to have those, but it's also discouraging too. Like there needs to be something people can work towards that is far more obtainable and keeps people coming back every week and actually playing games. I get neopets is typically considered more for younger people or kids, but a lot of the really older members are adults, like myself, and most of the games just don't appeal to me. Also, feeding a pet multiple times so they become full is kind of silly and unrealistic. It should be once a day and they're either hungry or full. That's it. I don't know about anyone else, but there also seems to be some kind of lag on the site? It's not my internet and it doesn't happen on any other site, but sometimes it seems like pages take a lot longer to load than they normally should. Habitarium. It was such an easy way to make NP and they got rid of it for no reason.
  3. I personally think neopets could go either way. I've been a member for 17 and a half years (since 2001), and although they've definitely changed things throughout the years and added more content, it's kind of a lot of similar content. There are differently a lot of improvements that could be made, and as mentioned above, I really do hope they do come out with a mobile version. That's honestly something they should have considered doing years ago once smart phones and tablets became must-have items for most people. There are so many things they need to work on, even things that might not seem like such a big deal. I probably have 50+ of those empty gift boxes in my inventory from Trudy's Surprise with no way to actually get rid of them so they just take up space. It would also be nice if they created a feature where you could select multiple items in your inventory at a time and select an option for what is to be done with them instead of doing it one at a time. Just little things like that would be great.
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