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  1. Just received 100 neopoints :) Where does he keep that money?
  2. As meaters2 pointed out, there's now an alert issued on the main page with a working link :) (thanks to this thread!) We're having ... some type of coding issue in the avatar solution in the checklist. Not sure why it's doing that o.o It shouldn't be doing that but it's not letting us edit it to fix it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention; we'll get it sorted as soon as we figure out what's going on.
  3. Those are some strong ears, able to hold up a cloak/snuggie xD
  4. I'm just amused that its cape has earholes :P More of a snuggie than a cape!
  5. Some of the backgrounds and bonus items are wearable by all species, so that's always an option! I got the background from the mara gram and it's now on my royal girl ruki. She's masquerading as a mara pet :ph34r: As pokeneodragon and Mouseykins mentioned, though, mara, baby, and mutant pets have so few items they can wear that this was a great way to include them without taking a couple weeks out of the year's releases to slowly release them.
  6. When TNT looks at the activity of an account, they don't see a "felt like gifting" footnote - they see someone who borrowed an item and then, directly after returning the item, sent an additional one to the lender. Maybe it was an unsolicited thanks, but they have no way to differentiate that from a lender who's subtly vying for tips. A lend is intended to be a 1:1 deal, no strings attached. If a lender does accept a gift/tip after a lend, it is freezable since it's more likely that they're taking advantage of a lendee than that someone just "felt like gifting." These gifts you're talking about actually are tipping, though. You listed a bunch of nice things people had done as reasons for gifting them; you wouldn't be sending them an item if they hadn't done something nice, would you? Gifting is completely random. These, even if it's not your intention, are gifts happening after someone does something nice. So, it's a tip. Rather than an actual item or neopoints, I personally just appreciate someone saying thank you :)
  7. Illusens Golden Brush, Illusens Family Recipe Cake, and Potted Shamrock :)
  8. That was a surprise :eh: Looks like baskets will be available for 3 full days, then, if this pattern continues (not counting the half-day the first basket was available.) More prizes, though. Not complaining about free stuff ;D
  9. I play it while I'm doing something else, like watching a tv show :P It doesn't take too much concentration, so I do a split screen on my computer and multitask. I'm the type of person who fidgets constantly, so it actually helps me pay more attention to whatever show I'm watching since I can channel the fidgeting into Pyramids. Makes it less frustrating, too, since I'm not focused 100% on the game and winning.
  10. I agree, it reeks of the "boys will be boys" fallacy. There is a certain level of horseplay tolerable among kids, but both kids have to be on board with that. Like, for example, a little boy chasing a little girl around at recess. Little girl is laughing about it? Great, she's having fun, probably likes him back, and I don't see an issue. Little girl is telling him to stop chasing her? No dice, he needs to stop. Same deal here: by that description, the little girl is clearly uncomfortable with it. I think a lot of parents think it's not serious because it's children, and, after all, what harm can children do? Bad habits in childhood lead to bad habits in adulthood. If a parent doesn't correct a problem behavior early, the kid will go on to do it later in life and wonder what they did wrong when they escalate it. After all, no one every said it was wrong, did they? That teaches the girl, too, that it doesn't really matter what she says. It'll happen regardless of what she wants to happen, and that she has no power over the situation. She'll learn that it's what the boy wants that matters. The little girl should go to the teacher, and, if the teacher is a good one, they'll separate the children. For a kid, I guess it's upsetting to be a tattletale or whatnot, but teacher's are there to keep the best interests of the children in mind.
  11. I'm so excited about this MiniMME because I bought it for fun with some free NC on my side (I've just never bought one before, so I wanted to.) I didn't check the IDs since I wasn't really going for anything. I ended up with the wig + bonus background and I am very pleased with how they look on my pets now.
  12. Hm, I may be a bit different. I tend to not like neomails about transactions since I view buying/selling anything as a business deal. Once it's done, I'm happy and want to go about my merry way without any social obligations. As to the offers on trading post lots, junk items don't bother me, as long as they have the pure I asked for. I can't stand when people offer something like 5 junk items on an expensive lot. Some people may legitimately not know the value of the lot, and then an apology email from them is appropriate if they realize their error, but other people do that to try and trick someone into accepting >.> The one thing I can think of off-hand that I do like getting neomails about is if I lend someone an avatar item. Say someone makes a board on the AvChat, I send the item over, and they send it back once they have the avvie. If all that happened and no thank you in response, I'd be a bit miffed, like I went out of my way to do something nice and they can't even say thanks :P I absolutely adore those thank you emails! The best ones are when someone is so excited to finally get the avatar; just brightens up my day that they're so happy! It's different than an email about a trade transaction, though, since a transaction is business and a lend is a kindness.
  13. Wearable Food Grooming Don't forget to complete an Illusen's Quest on March 17 if you don't have the Illusen Doll avatar yet! Remember that you cannot do one of Illusen's quests while on a Jhudora quest, and you must wait 12 hours after finishing one to start another. Click for more info!
  14. We've now had a pet transfer glitch :( One of our ALP pets is stuck in limbo. The recipient never received the notification and does not see the action in their logs, and the sending account is stuck with the message saying that the other account hasn't accepted the pet yet. Its been 4 days, so it's not auto-canceling, either.
  15. We're iffy on changing any of our prices right now after everything got mass deflated from that glitch. We're waiting to see if they stabilize at their current prices before deciding what to do. This applies to all of our higher end items, such as Meowy, too.
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