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Found 3 results

  1. So I was capping out my YYB today and I usually try to play one more game right when I'm on my cap to make sure that I didn't calculate anything wrong. Well I got to a total of 230 games overall and it was supposed to stop at 230, but it keeps going and I know for a fact I maxed it out, I counted it and recalculated tons of times. It's even counting toward my rank too, is anyone else experiencing this?
  2. Ok, so when I play a game of YYB, I do pretty well during it. But then when it comes down to about 20 seconds on the clock, my opponents usually/often become really good at keeping the ball or getting it off me so that I can't get a last-minute goal. Does anyone else have this happen?
  3. Hey guys I'm really confused about yyb game caps. My team is telling me that the game max is 68 games(wins) but I think on the game guide it says 300 games? Does this difference have to do with contributions to the team versus rank? I just want a straight answer on the game max(that contributes to rank) to know if I can keep playing!
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