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Found 7 results

  1. I looked for this topic but didn't find it. Did anyone else receive an email from TNT stating that their trophy had been upgraded? I received one stating that since I only missed one day of Fiendish formations (which wasn't to my knowledge) my trophy has been upgraded and I have received a prize in my inventory. They hope I like them. The prize, the hulking wraith stamp!! Uh, YEAH, I LIKE I LIKE!!! The trophy is the Resistance Revolutionist. Which I think I deserve! I worked my tail off in that stupid god forsaken plot, only to miss one darn day of the fiendish formations. So everything I worked for went out the window!! At least they recognized my hard work. And YES, I am still salty over that fiendish formations avatar (Hey TNT, where's that, huh?- LOL) but I am less so.
  2. To get your new opponent, follow the guide and thread here. This is what I have for Kaia's stats so far. Keep in mind, she has some POWERFUL weaponry. If you can't beat her outright, don't be shy about using the "Throw Pillows" strategy. Also, I do NOT know the stats of her "Ruby Ring". Not what it's actual name is as of yet, nor what it does. I've only seen it once and it didn't seem to do anything that one time. If anyone knows, it's full name or it's stats, please post here or PM me. I am including it's image URL though too. Thanks! Kaia Faerie Image URL http://images.neopets.com/dome/npcs/00688_3d82695cb8_fwr/portrait_688.png Difficulty HP 89 89 579 579 740 740 Meditate Healing Fire Shade Irritable Minions Leaf Shield Grapes of Wrath Ruby Ring? http://images.neopets.com/items/wea_ruby_ring.gif Skarls Sword Shield of Faerieland Wand of the Dark Faerie Amulet Of Darkness Focus of Imminent Destruction Notes: I'm pretty amazed she has such rare weaponry. But given her true Identity, it makes sense she'd have an old awesome weapon like Skarls Sword. Focus of Imminent Destruction is brand new in the Hidden Tower, don't know what it does, but it seemed to "fizzle" the one time she's tried it against me so far, and didn't do anything I could see. Good Luck!
  3. Hello! I was wondering what y'all are thinking regarding the prizes for wraith resurgence are going to do in price. Do you think I should sell now and get money, as most who want them can buy them quickly, or wait and see if prices change? And if you are selling them, is there a certain price range you are looking for?
  4. Hi guys, so, I checked out the wraith opponents and got what I believe are their full stats. So I'm posting them here, and requesting to the mods that this post get pinned. Some of them have certain combo-patterns to their attacks, such as pairing 2 weapons and an ability, Or 1 weapon and an ability, etc. I did not make note of those, but if you battle the same wraith for ingredients for potions, then you can pick out the patterned combos, but if you have Lens Flare, and/or Warlock's and/or a freezer, these guys should all be fairly reasonable to beat on their weakest difficulty settings. Though newer battlers may have some troubles. I'll place the stats below the spoiler tags. So i can make this one post. ;) So, in order here.... First up, Snapjaw Wraith
  5. Hello, I recently started battling just to get ingredients for the wraith resurgence, and am having trouble consistently beating the hulking wraith. I can, it just is about every other battle is a loss or tie starting from full hp and always ending with 0-15hp left. I have been working on improving my pet's stats, but since it takes a bit at the pirate academy it is slow going. Currently I am mainly fighting with the reflecting vanities, winged palm blade and the lesser healing scroll to heal once per battle. Any suggestions on how better to fight him, what a better battle set would be like, or anything else let me know! Currently I a
  6. Anybody else having problems with the Deathball Wrath? The other wraths are dropping items just fine for me but from this one I can't get a single Wraith Fur or Claw and I've tried so many times on different difficulties. I was thinking maybe I managed to cap them somehow, despite not battling at all today, but as soon as I switch to the other Wraths I get Ectoplasms and Fangs without problems :(
  7. As per usual, I'm late to the party. I went to go and start the plot today (at section one, with Kaia) and I'm stuck already. I go onto the site and get a pop up from Aethia saying 'Are you here to help? I was just talking to the others about our preparations. Meanwhile, why don't you pick up a shield for yourself? I daresay you'll be needing it pretty soon.' I click 'Yes I am' and it refreshes the page, then the pop up appears again. I thought maybe I needed to have a shield in my inventory, or equipped, but I've tried both of those options and I still can't get past this pop up. Can anyone advise please? C x
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