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Found 4 results

  1. I looked for this topic but didn't find it. Did anyone else receive an email from TNT stating that their trophy had been upgraded? I received one stating that since I only missed one day of Fiendish formations (which wasn't to my knowledge) my trophy has been upgraded and I have received a prize in my inventory. They hope I like them. The prize, the hulking wraith stamp!! Uh, YEAH, I LIKE I LIKE!!! The trophy is the Resistance Revolutionist. Which I think I deserve! I worked my tail off in that stupid god forsaken plot, only to miss one darn day of the fiendish formations. So everything I worked for went out the window!! At least they recognized my hard work. And YES, I am still salty over that fiendish formations avatar (Hey TNT, where's that, huh?- LOL) but I am less so.
  2. Sooooooo my neopets account is 10 yo, but I kinda abandoned it for a long while, which means I have a very ancient pet who's battledome stats are... well... kinda terrible. Also, I didn't have LOTS of money to spend. Anyway, after finding out about twr, I decided to play again and it took me quite a while (and some np) to finally beat up Hulking Wraith on easy (I know... ridiculous, right?) When I came back to neopets, my pet had lv 40, hp 38. I mostly used Psellia's Fighting Fan, Bronze Scorchstone and a Leaf Shield. Anyway, if you're in a similar situation, I'm gonna list the things that helped me finally defeat the Hulking Wraith (prices from jellyneo's item database): Trained my pet to hp 48 (also trained her to lv 42, but that was a mistake, since I couldn't train her at the Swashbuckling Academy, which would've been cheaper, so don't do that, children) Parchment cloak (9300) Blue scorchstone (71k, but I remember paying less than that) Sword of Malum (free) The training was the most expensive, since the training school asked for a Eo codestone nearly every time, but it was still pretty cheap
  3. Hello, i noticed the Hulking Wraith hits like a train :/ and i know i will get pulverized. these stats are weak and i know i cant fathom to beat it. however, i can spend up to 500k np for weapons if i need to if it means beating it.
  4. Hello, I recently started battling just to get ingredients for the wraith resurgence, and am having trouble consistently beating the hulking wraith. I can, it just is about every other battle is a loss or tie starting from full hp and always ending with 0-15hp left. I have been working on improving my pet's stats, but since it takes a bit at the pirate academy it is slow going. Currently I am mainly fighting with the reflecting vanities, winged palm blade and the lesser healing scroll to heal once per battle. Any suggestions on how better to fight him, what a better battle set would be like, or anything else let me know! Currently I a
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