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Found 3 results

  1. Today I will analyze the possibility of 1 million NP being made within 25 days! Therefore an average of 40K needs to be made in a day. For Trudy's surprise, the average amount gained in a day is 17815 (provided you stick with playing for 25 consecutive days). But in reality, even getting that amount is impossible, due to the 'rotten luck bonus' interfering, so I'll just round up the average Trudy gain to 18K. Also note that starting the Trudy chain nets smaller prizes than the consecutive days, so do not worry if you don't actually hit 40K within a day. Just follow the analysis and take my word for it that the Trudy reward does average out to 18K within 25 days. Cumulative NP: 18K NP left to hit quota: 22K There's an additional guaranteed 1.5K that can be gained in the Battledome Cumulative NP: 19.5K NP left to hit quota: 20.5K But we also gain items in the Battledome, very often codestones! They are very easy to sell so the asset can be liquidated into NP very quickly So I shall estimate an average of 5K of items that can easily be sold. Even if you're skeptical about, let me just include items and NP won from free no-risk dailies like Coltzan, Forgotten Shore and Anchor Management Cumulative NP: 24.5K NP left to hit quota: 15.5K Dailies such as the quiz and crossword pretty much guarantee an extra 0.8K provided you pay attention to the answers given by TDN Cumulative NP: 25.3K NP left to hit quota: 14.7K Then we should be able to play games. Just about anyone can get 15K solely from games, can they? Everyone has their own skill at games, but generally it's easy for people to play the games they like. game viabilities are subject to change due to updating NP ratios. Here are my personal favourites (these games always have favourable NP ratios): 'Zero effort' games: Fashion Fever and Catch Petpet, earning a total of 2K My '3K' games personally are: Kass Basher, Hot Dog Hero, Nova Defender, Snowager (there's more but these are the quickest ones for me I won't groan at playing), earning a total of 12K 'Ultra quick' games to help push the NP a teensy bit higher, like Meerca Chase, Darigan Dodgeball and Tunnel Tumble, earning a total of 3K Cumulative NP: 42.3K NP left to hit quota: 2.3K exceeded Diligently following this routine for 25 days will earn you a total of 10575000 NP! So keep playing everyday and enjoy! :3
  2. Hey everyone! My name's Zac I'm 17 and I joined this forum just in May and this is my first content. I've been on Neopets since 2006 and I stop playing in 2008 because everything became really tedious and repetitive. Like any other people, I thought that Neopet only surrounds your pet. Feeding your pet, making it happy, increase his mood. Man, I even thought that you can only earn neopoints by playing flash games! Growing up, playing this game, there are many kinds of content in game that makes me ask myself what is this for? Or what can I get from it? Like the Tale of Woe plot for example around November 2006 and I tried solving the first puzzle but I can't because I don't know the solutions (and my 7-year-old self didn't even bother to search over the internet) and I give up because I thought that it's just a waste of time. Have you played the game Pou? Its a game in the app store where you basically make your pet, your Pou, happy and play games to earn money and.......that's basically it. I thought Neopet is just like this app game. And you know what? IT. IS. NOT! after years of ignorance and a week of research around January this year, I've finally come to my senses and start playing again this May. There were actually tons of stuff that you can do. Like doing the dailies and maybe selling some of the stuff you earn in your shop. And I'm also so happy winning the 3rd place for the Special Edition runway winning a pin! So that's also something to look forward to. So you must be thinking, "Why is the topic about Lutari morphing potion when this content is about introductions and welcomes?" Welp, I'll be right there in a second. So aside from my meerca (the most adorable neopet in the whole world), It's always been a dream of mine to have a pet Lutari! I only started playing Neopets in May and i just missed the Lutari Day in April. *sigh* So I've been searching through the Shop Wizard for Lutari Morphing Potion and there's no user selling this item showing up no matter how I reload my browser which is a shame. Do you guys know where I can get one? And is anyone here willing to make a trade in the trading post? Or is anyone willing to sell it to me? I've been wanting to morph my vandagyre into a Lutari.
  3. I know some opponents give better prizes than others. I know it helps to fight weak opponents on their highest level to get your np with as little effort as possible. I get it, but some days I don't even bother getting the whole 1500np because its boring. This is not a post about that. This is a post about the opponents you battle because they deserve it. They looked at you wrong with their stupid little pixels and someone has to put them in their place. For years, that opponent for me was the Flaming Meerca. Back before the new BD, when it was seriously difficult work to get hold of the NP to buy dubloons and codestones, when a level would easily set you back 50k, the Flaming Meerca gave me the proverbial "stink eye." Unfortunately, it was WAY stronger than my Fureen. I took my time, leveling him up, trying again, failing again, repeating the cycle as the humiliation grew and festered, taking on a life of its own. After the new Battledome opened, Fureen and I faced our ageless foe again. The air was still, the Meerca's crackling was like static on an old radio... with a flick of its tail, it began its attack. Its fall was swift, merciless, and not nearly enough to sate the monster our lust for revenge had become. In our service of science and BD prize data collection, we have bested the Koi Warrior 2801 times in cold blood. We have seen Kauvara fall wounded 1018 times. Yes, even the mighty Duchess has met her end at our Altador Throwing Star 717 times. The Flaming Meerca is no match for us. Its looks mean little. Its time to let go. Because I'm pretty sure that those catty Drenched sisters have been spreading rumors that we smell like the Negg Nobody Found Last Year. And you? Whom do you raise arms 'gainst at the drop of every hat?
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