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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone! I just came back home after spending a month touring the USA East Coast!!!!! I had an awesome time but I am so glad to be back at home in my own bed :laughingsmiley: Has anyone else recently been on holidays? Where have you all gone, or where do you want to go? Also I never really introduced myself on here... I'm Sarah, I'm 24 from Australia. I'm a receptionist and a student, and other than travelling I like reading and having a bit of a laugh with my friends on the weekend!
  2. I was just thinking back on the many years of traditions that my family and I had and it always makes me smile to do them every year. It made me wonder what other families did. Do you have any holiday traditions you do every year? And if so what are they? Here a few of mine; The day after Thanksgiving we all put the tree up as a family. During the month of December, everyone in the house takes turn picking out a Christmas movie each day, starting with our youngest. We have a Christmas box for our advent calendar that myself or my mom puts little goodies in for each of the kids to take out each day such as; gum, toys, videos games, gift cards, hot wheels, nail polish, candy, etc. On Christmas Eve we all open up two presents; one is a pair of pajamas for us to wear Christmas morning, and the other is a gift that we don't know what it is :D Christmas day we go to the movie theater as a family and watch a movie before dinner On new years day we all build ginger bread houses as a family. What about you?
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