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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys I've returned to neopets after a looong time and I'm loving it there! But I can't seem to figure anything out most of the time. For example, on the neopets homepage today it says this : I visited the news page and the neopian times and there was nothing special to be found. I also visited the haunted woods and some of the places in the deserted fairgrounds and I saw nothing special for halloween! I saw that there were goodie bags given out each year and my question is how do I find them? Thank you and sorry if this is a dumb question.
  2. So the Haunted Hijinks has really got me inspired. There are practically no clothes that my Vandagyre, Hootian, can wear. Which is incredibly frustrating. So all these gorgeous clothes I'm getting from the event are making me so happy! I never thought I'd get into customization but ever since I got a Grey Silk Dress which I thought would look great on Hootian (but wouldn't fit :thumbsdown:) I've been kind of obsessed with finding something gorgeous for her. And a Halloween costume seems perfect. I'm nearly finished with Hootian, I just want to buy her a Litemite Background and a Black Candle and Pumpkins Foreground to go with her current design. I want to get wratewr a Hero of Neopia Superpack, and OndaGudinna a Woodland Archer Superpack. I think that I'll make Crysanthus Hippocamp either a Scary Faerie Pirate, or just a Regular Pirate. That would be Enchanting Boat Ride Background, Scurvy Pirate Jacket, Swashbuckler Trousers and A Rolling Fog as a base and either Skull Bow with Delicate Cobweb Wings and Gothic Lace Facepaint with perhaps the Golden Key Necklace for Scary Faerie or for straight Pirate would be the base plus Tied Bandana WIg, and Battle Scar Marking. But I can't decide which. I know these aren't exactly Customization Spotlight worthy but it's my first attempt at customization and I think it looks decent. I can't decide which costume to give ChrysanthusHippocamp so I;m hoping some advice. And I'd like some feedback on my other ideas. Thanks in advance!
  3. It could be a Halloween paintbrush, or an original design, or anything, but are your pets dressing up?
  4. 'Tis the season for falling leaves, scary monsters, and trick-or-treating. How are you dressing your pets up? :) Here are my pets (click on the images for proper images and moving stuff): Rufus is feeling spooky and mysterious; hanging out in the gloom and waiting to jump out and scare anyone who passes by. Candy prefers to relax and enjoy the cooler weather and falling leaves. Jack is prepared to trick-or-treat and get some candy, but he seems to have wound up at the wrong house... As soon as I get my gelert back on my main account, he'll be all dressed up for autumn too. :)
  5. I always loved dressing up for Halloween. Now I'm usually busy around Halloween but this year I actually have the chance to dress up again. No major plans, but I'm going in to town to hand out candy for trick-or treaters, so I guess that counts for something I had some awesome ideas in mind for a costume but I just decided to re-purpose an old Alice in wonderland dress and used a make-up tutorial to create a broken porcelain doll look. Kind of lame, but I really enjoy doing costume makeup :p So what are all of you doing for Halloween? Have any neat costume plans? :)
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