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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to the Un-Official Neopets 'Not-So-Secret Gifter 2016!! Hello everyone! December is almost here and that means we're so much closer to Christmas! *squeals in excitement* Christmas has to be my most favorite time of the year as I get to spread so much joy by giving gifts to others, bringing joy to them ultimately brings joy to myself! While scouring the web today, I stumbled upon a forum that someone had started something similar to this. It reminded me a little bit of our Wishlist Gifting we do here in July and December, but a tad different. The way this works is you will be assigned a specific person to love on from December 5th until January 5th (A WHOLE MONTH OF JOY GIVING!?! SIGN ME UP!). You'll be assigned to and receive a random person to gift through the whole month on December 5th. It won't be so 'secret' because as soon as you send your fist gift to them through Neopets you'll be revealed, but that doesn't mean the gifts won't be a surprise! If this sounds interesting to you and you wish to participant please read the rules and guidelines below and have fun! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Please make sure to read ALL of the guidelines! To sign up you must PM me here on TDN using the format posted AFTER these guidelines. Non-TDN members are allowed to participant such as; family members, friends, children, etc. If you would like to receive gifts on someones behalf and then forward it to them please make sure to add a separate form for EACH person participating under your Neopets Username or participating in general. Sign ups will close on Dec 4th @ 11:59 PM EST Gifting will begin Dec 5th at 12a EST and end Jan 5th at 11:59p EST. You will receive a PM from me here on TDN with your giftee's form. You are allowed to gift as little or as many gifts as you want throughout the month time-span. DO NOT beg for gifts. People are being generous just by signing up. This is not an item grab, this is a fun gift-giving event.Please make sure to report anyone acting unruly to me VIA PM on TDN, if you receive a complaint you will be given 1 warning from myself, if another complaint is received you will be dropped from the event. Please remember that although this is just a fun event that you ARE committing to be someone's Gifter so if at any point during the month you are unable to participant, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know! You will have the option to check to be someones Back-Up-Gifter. This means that if someone needs to drop out during the beginning, middle or end of the month you will pick up ANOTHER giftee so that this person is not left without someone. This is optional on each form and only recommended to the neousers that have the extra funds. The back-up gifting with be extended to Jan 10th if necessary (for those who drop out toward the end and have not sent a gift to someone or for those who have not received a gift by Jan 1st) There will also be a section if you want more than on Not-So-Secret-Gifter if the sign-up volume is low. Once receiving your Not-So-Secret-Gifter you will message them on Neopets confirming that you got them. Just simply introduce yourself and confirm by saying something along the lines of 'I look forward to being your friend this Holiday Season!" or "Can't wait to send you a Christmas Gift!" You can be reprimanded for using the word 'Secret Santa' on Neopets. Which is why we're using the word Gifter and Gifting. If you do not receive a message back from your giftee or a message from a 'Gifter' at all within 48 hours please contact me and I will re-match you. Your Neopets Username is required to participant and will be given to your Gifter. You can ask for NP items and NC items in the wishlist you provide in your form whether that's linked to a wishlist or just a small text list is given. Please don't expect to receive high priced items or NC, if you do please make sure to thank them gratefully. If you send a gift to your giftee and they did not except it within 48 hours AND did not respond to your message please PM on here and I'll rematch you. This is NOT an official TDN event or Neopets event, everything is ran by myself. Of course TDN mod's are welcome to participant! :) If there's anything I did not cover or you have further questions please PM me on TDN. BLANK SUBMISSION FORM (COPY AND PAST IN YOUR PM TO ME SIGNING UP) What's your TDN username? Will you be having a non-TDN member participating? [ ] Yes or [ ] No (If yes Please make sure to attached ANOTHER form for each person participating. If you a receiving on their behalf, you may re-enter you username in the Neopets username. Just enter N/A for TDN username) What's your Neopets Username? Are you willing to be a Back-Up-Santa? (This is for my use only) [ ] Yes or [ ] No What are you interests/goals/hobbies on Neopets? Are you willing to take on more than one giftee if the participant count is low? [ ] Yes or [ ] No What might you be interested in receiving from your Not-So-Secret-Gifter? You may give a link to a wishlist here or a small typed up list. Anything else you want your gifter to know? Anything you want me to know? (This is for my use only) By signing up you understand that you are committing to be a gifter as well and must inform me if anything changes that may compromise you ability to gift. [ ] Yes or [ ] No Thank you to everyone participating and happy gifting!
  2. I was just thinking back on the many years of traditions that my family and I had and it always makes me smile to do them every year. It made me wonder what other families did. Do you have any holiday traditions you do every year? And if so what are they? Here a few of mine; The day after Thanksgiving we all put the tree up as a family. During the month of December, everyone in the house takes turn picking out a Christmas movie each day, starting with our youngest. We have a Christmas box for our advent calendar that myself or my mom puts little goodies in for each of the kids to take out each day such as; gum, toys, videos games, gift cards, hot wheels, nail polish, candy, etc. On Christmas Eve we all open up two presents; one is a pair of pajamas for us to wear Christmas morning, and the other is a gift that we don't know what it is :D Christmas day we go to the movie theater as a family and watch a movie before dinner On new years day we all build ginger bread houses as a family. What about you?
  3. :rolls in: Ready for round two? One lucky winner will win: A Physical Merchandise Rare Item Code Winner can Redeem it HERE The code will give you a rare (and possibly expensive item) along with the Battledome Challenger: Space Faerie The purpose of the giveaway, is not for the Rare item, or even the challenger itself, but more-so the Avatar you get from it. Check out the Avatar HERE. To participate in the giveaway, you must Qualify to win the prize. As like last time the Deadline to enter is by Dec 25, 12AM NST. The winner will be picked at random based on if they qualify, and or their explanation in their post. The winner will receive their code by me, on Christmas. You need a couple things to qualify being chosen for my Giveaway. 1. Qualify to Borrow the TDN Battle Pet for the purposes of beating Space Faerie; To learn if you qualify click HERE. Exceptions to this if you have a good battle pet already. 2. Have at least 200+ avatars. This is in place for more than average avatar collectors to have a fair chance in obtaining it this time. 3. Give a story and inspiring words on why I should pick you, if you leave me in tears, make me laugh, or any such thing you may win. Last time around I had some very highly qualifying participants, which made it REALLY hard to choose. If it comes down to a couple to a few people and I can't pick again I am going to use a site that picks for you at random. (Like pulling names out of a hat) Rules of Posting; Please again, do not beg, flame, make other people feel less qualify or the such. We may discuss certain things about the Giveaway at your leisure. If you have any questions please feel free to Neomail me here; CLICK ME If you need battledome Advice and help, please feel free to message me or reply here, I'd be happy to help! A link to last years Giveaway can be found HERE I don't want users to be discouraged to post their application, please if you are close to all the requirements you should still apply! I want everybody to have a shot if they are close but not quite there! Like I said above, you do not have to meet ALL the requirements, just some of them. The 200 avatar requirement is the more firm requirement I have for everybody, why should I give a person with 50 avatars the chance to win something people with 250+ avatars are struggling to obtain due to the real world money requirement. Even if you don't qualify I urge you to sign up and participate. Thanks, -Matt Example entry; Name: Matt Neopets Username: Greenblink_side Active Pet: blueyes12345_2001 Avatar Count: 215 (I still don't qualify for my own giveaway XD) Battledome Weapons: Sword of Reif, Kelpbeard Tridents, Bag of Healing Dust (2 Freezers, Level 50, 200) Story: Hello, my name is Matt, I've made great strides over a year to train my pet and upgrade my Battle Set, I've always been a avatar collector and even now I still enjoy putting an effort into collecting them, if you pick me I would love to add it to my collection, as the blend of the blues in the avatar match my pet. Plus the Space Faerie is my favorite Faerie out of them all. So now you try! Name: Neopets Username: Active Pet(Unless you are Lending): Avatar Count: Battledome Weapons: Story: Edit: I Relaxed the requirements for the contest, from 250 avatars to 200!
  4. So on Black Friday I spent about $300 dollars on Christmas presents for my family and friends. I have worked extra hours for the last couple months and haven't had a day off in about a month so I could afford to drive from Texas to Michigan for Christmas and have presents for my loved ones when I got back. I left Friday at 4p after work and being awake since 7a Friday morning. I got in Saturday around 5:10p and started un-loading my car. I drove straight through with no sleep! I started unloading my car and took a bigger load of things upstairs that took me a little bit longer. In the short 5 minutes that I was bringing things in with my family someone walked up to my car, opened my door and stole the clothes basket full of wrapped presents out of my car and ran off with them. I was VERY sad! I worked so hard to be able to afford those and someone just took them! I understand there's awful people out there, but I cannot fathom the thought of being able to just grab presents that someone spent money on for someone else especially during such a giving season! I also was upset because I have been so giving this holiday season! I live by the motto that you should give without expecting anything in return and I just get such joy when seeing the smiles it brings people when they open the present you gave them. So I was thinking to myself WHY!? These were meant for some amazing and kind people and now they'll never get them! I tried calling the police and they said they don't respond to items stolen when the vehicle is unlocked or the house is unlocked. Seriously!? So I filed a report online so I had something to turn into my insurance company to see if I could cover the cost of the gifts. The next morning a women was walking in a park down the street and she found ALL of the presents! All unwrapped and thrown around, but all of them were there! She called the police department, they matched it up with my police report and they brought them back to me this morning! I was SO HAPPY! I even prayed that they would be returned the night before and the next morning they were there! Now I'm going to try and get some sleep after this whole weekend because I still haven't slept! UGH! Just want to share my tiring, yet happy ending story!
  5. Hi guys, I just discovered (to my joy) that the Snowager hibernates for the entire month of December, I mean, Celebrating. That's a guaranteed prize everyday, no blasting, although it also means no avatar opportunities. But I'm so glad to be able to actually get something from the Snowager, and something decent too. I just got a book. Normally I get nothing, more often than not I lose hit points, and if I do get something, it's rubbish. Yay for the month of Celebrating!!! Let the celebrating continue!!
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