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Found 3 results

  1. The Altador Cup in Neopets is happening I guess. Cool. Drew the current and former Techos that are/were in it as competitors/teammates.
  2. Oh my gosh! I wanted to originally adopt a starry elephante for my fifth neopet, and I did for a hour or two, but I decided to instead find and adopt one of my previously pounded neopets. I found his name through my first post on the forums! I knew that his first name was Shenna. I saw his full name on that post, and I HAD to adopt him! He was still a pirate techo, but now he is a girl. So, I suppose that I have a transgender techo on my hands. To celebrate, I will be giving all of my neopets some food at The Golden Dubloon! :) I hope that the elephante will get adopted soon. All i remember is that his first name was Anne. So, if you find him, let me know!
  3. 15th September - Techo Day (late) Happy Techo Day! Soon you will be able to celebrate the day by taking your Techo over to the Rainbow Pool where two new paintbrushes will soon be available - stay tuned! I've never seen something like this before, when last friday there were no news about Techo day I was pretty shocked, but well, not as much as I am right now! (Pretty mad as well). I am sure that when they say "two new paintbrushes" they are refering to two new colours for Techos. Pretty sure they will be ready soon but gosh, right now I am so mad. (Better not to post the news if you have nothing *sigh*)
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