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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, Is anyone working through NeoQuest or NeoQuest II at the moment? I just picked up an old game of NQII, and carefully getting through the last quarter of InSaNe mode.
  2. I can't get any of the games to load, anybody got any advice? I'm using google chrome, I have updated my flash player and enable it but the games still won't load.
  3. It looks like you can get an avatar from the newest Neopets game - AAA's Revenge. So far, not sure what the requirements are and the game appears to freeze when getting 999 points. Also, the avatar awarding appears to be "glitchy", too, as some have received this error message, with lower scores: "Error: You do not have this avatar or it does not exist, so we cannot display it. Nice try though." I'm sure there will be more to come. But, as an "avatar hunter", I think this is exciting news! Good luck and "get your game on"!
  4. Today I will analyze the possibility of 1 million NP being made within 25 days! Therefore an average of 40K needs to be made in a day. For Trudy's surprise, the average amount gained in a day is 17815 (provided you stick with playing for 25 consecutive days). But in reality, even getting that amount is impossible, due to the 'rotten luck bonus' interfering, so I'll just round up the average Trudy gain to 18K. Also note that starting the Trudy chain nets smaller prizes than the consecutive days, so do not worry if you don't actually hit 40K within a day. Just follow the analysis and take my word for it that the Trudy reward does average out to 18K within 25 days. Cumulative NP: 18K NP left to hit quota: 22K There's an additional guaranteed 1.5K that can be gained in the Battledome Cumulative NP: 19.5K NP left to hit quota: 20.5K But we also gain items in the Battledome, very often codestones! They are very easy to sell so the asset can be liquidated into NP very quickly So I shall estimate an average of 5K of items that can easily be sold. Even if you're skeptical about, let me just include items and NP won from free no-risk dailies like Coltzan, Forgotten Shore and Anchor Management Cumulative NP: 24.5K NP left to hit quota: 15.5K Dailies such as the quiz and crossword pretty much guarantee an extra 0.8K provided you pay attention to the answers given by TDN Cumulative NP: 25.3K NP left to hit quota: 14.7K Then we should be able to play games. Just about anyone can get 15K solely from games, can they? Everyone has their own skill at games, but generally it's easy for people to play the games they like. game viabilities are subject to change due to updating NP ratios. Here are my personal favourites (these games always have favourable NP ratios): 'Zero effort' games: Fashion Fever and Catch Petpet, earning a total of 2K My '3K' games personally are: Kass Basher, Hot Dog Hero, Nova Defender, Snowager (there's more but these are the quickest ones for me I won't groan at playing), earning a total of 12K 'Ultra quick' games to help push the NP a teensy bit higher, like Meerca Chase, Darigan Dodgeball and Tunnel Tumble, earning a total of 3K Cumulative NP: 42.3K NP left to hit quota: 2.3K exceeded Diligently following this routine for 25 days will earn you a total of 10575000 NP! So keep playing everyday and enjoy! :3
  5. Hey guys, anybody here playing Ghoul Catchers for level progression? Just wondering what level you guys got stuck, because I'm at level (or House) 88 where I have to clear out 35 purple ghouls and I can tell that it's super hard thanks to urns and few certain ghouls showing up in the grid. I've been on that level like many times today. I think the number of moves isn't enough, and I've spent all the free +5 moves in that level but still won't hit the 35 purple ghoul mark...
  6. I've been doing so well in the daily dare, and I never usually do. But this game is sooooo impossible for me to beat. I cannot get past 467. I have looked up tips and I honestly don't want to throw away my hard work because of this game. How do you avoid the boat tipping completely to one side out of your control? It just tips and I cannot move it, no matter how much I push the arrow keys, and it forces the petpets off. How can I possibly beat this game? ** I figured out my problem and I feel dumb. But what happens is the petpets go to one side (like 3 or 4 of them) and weigh the whole boat down so they all fall off. And 9/10 times I cannot save them and I lose the game. How can I come back from that? Or is it just destined to fail when they all go to one side? And it's not like I cannot even avoid it. Without me moving it, the petpets just walk to one side, making it tip and ruining the game. I honestly cannot beat this game, and I hate that it's going to ruin my hard work for the daily dare. This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Rune Valentine) because of a violation of the forum rules. There is already a Daily Dare Barf Boat topic. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules. Per the reason above, this topic has been LOCKED. Please contact Rune Valentine if you have any questions regarding this action.
  7. So I know Attack of the Slorgs is one of the shockwave games notorious for giving users trouble. The good news is I can play it on FF, bad news is that when I try to send my score, it redirects me to the load the soundtrack option :sad01_anim: Has anyone found a fix for this, or should I just give up for a bit? Sadly, I had a high enough score for the avatar and a place on the high score table that did not go through. Still a little bitter.
  8. I have Ghoul Catchers on Facebook, but it never loads past the loading screen. I always get stuck here: I have Unity Player installed, but for whatever reason, Ghoul Catchers doesn't work for me on Facebook in any browser. I can't get the app on my Kindle Fire because it's not supported by the style of Kindle Fire I have or whatever. I would really like to try the game out, but I can't get it to work. Any suggestions?
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