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Found 21 results

  1. Welcome to Shenkuu Supporters thread Where we can discuss strategies , game tips , and results Let The Games Begin
  2. Team Terror Mountain, it's that time again! Time to, uh, dust off your mouse and keyboard?! More like, time to dust off your YooYuball, Slishie Slinger, Make Some Noise, and Shoot Out Show Down skillz! (I know you have them)! Last year was OVER-THE-TOP! First place. I don't what this AC holds, but, I hope it will bring the teamwork, camaraderie, joys, and tears, it always does, now matter how well we do. We are here to help you reach your AC goals, whatever they may be. Hope to "see you out there" and please post. Although we may be "cold", we are friendly! As usual, here is a song to get you
  3. Hey guys, I clearly remember using a tool, like, every year, and I think it was by TDN. But I can for the life of me no longer find it! Send help UwU Have you guys ever used a site/tool like that? Do you remember it? Can you FIND it. I'm looking for it SO hard. But it's just _HIDING_ from me.
  4. Let's show support to our favorite team , the red & gold Ninjas SHENKUU
  5. It's time. Time for AC XIV! I can't believe it has been a year, since Terror Mountain placed 3rd, on the podium! Still riding that "Rocky Mountain High"! I don't know how we will do this year, but, I look forward seeing old friends, new friends, and even other AC team supporters, posting on this thread, and riding the avalanche called "Altador Cup". We'll laugh, we'll cry, we'll get angry, we'll get happy, and just support whatever AC goals you may have. You may be reaching for All-Star, or just to get one game played. It doesn't matter. Team Terror Mountain is here for you. Please don't be sh
  6. There's something that I've been wondering for a while now and hope that one of you can answer it. Is there a difference in the species of neopets and how fast they drink their slushies? It seemed to me like a Tonu finished a slushie sooner than a Hissi, no matter which one I served first. Also, what is the highest number of goals you ever made in Yooyuball? Mine's 16.
  7. So, who's joining Maraqua this year? And if you're a repeat player, how long have you been playing for Maraqua? I've only played for Maraqua for 9 ACs, I've only played 9 ACs. lol The first two, and then started back up in 2012 to now. I'm looking forward to playing more YYB and seeing if I can do a 3-peat for scoring. If I can score 17 goals in one game this year, it will be the 3rd AC in a row I've gotten a score of 17, 5th year in total. A real shame our goals don't do much except maybe advance goals per game averages of our front man Elon. lol My ideal goal would be to manage 18 goals i
  8. One of the things that would always scare/excite me each year was waiting to see which teams would trade members. For example, on the Lost Desert I was pretty sad to see Lamelle Turow leave to Maraqua only to be replaced by a different Kiko, a desert painted Rhee Solters. But for the past few cups, has anyone actually been traded at all? I certainly didn't notice any changes for this year. Even though there might not be any official updates, if you could choose any roster changes for your own team what would you pick? Would you trade with another team for a player or bring in a fresh fac
  9. You can choose your teams now This will be my first Altador Cup and I'm actually excited to see what all the buzz is about. I have no history or knowledge on how any of this works other than this being a Neopets equivalent to the world cup. I look forward to seeing the poll results and predictions/brackets. Happy Blitzbal--I mean, Yooyuballing!
  10. If Neopia Central had a team it will Henry and his fearless team. He lead them though love and friendship because Neopia Central had been ignored sometimes. Now it's time that his team and himself to never be forgotten. They are the best players of Neopia except they have three weaknesses that made them so forgotten. It's no wonder that no one pay attention to them. As long they overcome their weaknesses they will be the ranking top of Altador Cup. During the Aftermaths of the Altador Cups, Ashy has a Yooyuball School in one at Altador and the other in Neopia Central which this little guy teac
  11. Hello everyone. I'm curious what we are all going for this year? Since I'm a n00b at polls please click 'none' for the other two that do not have your team listed so all 3 are filled out ? Thank you.
  12. I am so stuck on which team to support. Should I support the one who wins most often? Are the prizes for winners really that good? Or should I just go with whatever team looks the most appealing to me?
  13. I was just wondering when the next cup starts?
  14. this is my Music of Choice for ACXII ... no shame lol .. 90s and early 2000's music keeps me entertained for hours .... i also sometimes play Seinfeld / Family Guy / Friends in the background what's your favorite music / tv during the AC ?
  15. What does it mean when it says, "Bonus points on this game?" Because I know we are not getting extra NPs or extra points toward ranking up. Does it count toward our win/loss status against the team we are playing? What exactly are the "bonus points" we are supposedly getting? LOL
  16. Last one in the pool is a rotten negg! C'mon Maraquans! Let's win this thing!
  17. Is anyone else super excited for Altador Cup XII?! I haven't been on for the past couple of Altador Cups, so I'm really excited for this one. I'm thinking about joining either Terror Mountain or Shenkuu (the teams I usually pick). Which team are you going to join?
  18. Hey all! Sara or Miarka here! I've been managing the FLUFF website for some 4 years or so on my old main, sara_tiara_relica but since I've stepped down from the council, I've been trying to get someone to take over and Kaylan (Kaylan_fashion) had volunteered to help and we've now moved from http://www.neopets.com/~Mahala_Lynn to http://www.neopets.com/~FLUFFwebbie I would like to redirect the link as always from Mahala_Lynn but unfortunately someone had broken into that account and changed the password (I even got a warning for using multiple accounts to gain Neopoint
  19. Not sure if this helps anyone else, but it sure got me excited as I thought I missed my chance to get All-Star; Even if you started the Altador cup tomorrow after NST you can still get the All-Star rank if you play this many games a day; 46 Yooyuball games until the the 29th 188+ Make Some Noise Games until the 29th 188+ Shootout Showdown Games until the 29th 43+ Slushie Slinger Games until the 29th So that is a total of; 414 Yooyuball Game Wins 339 Slushie Slinger Games 1498 Make Some Noise Games 1500 Shootout Showdown Games Hopefully this helps some people! I'm aimi
  20. Figured I'd start a thread to find out where my Pirates are at! Let's bring home the cup this year! This is my 5th official (7th total) Altador Cup and I have been supporting Krawk Island every year since the "Glory Days" when we won the cup. I have always been drawn pirates and growing up in and around the Caribbean, pirates have always been a part of my life and history. I would love to eventually (if there is enough support) create a Krawk Island guild on neopets! What are the goals of the current players for this Altador cup? I am looking to become an all-star for the first
  21. Hi everyone, I might have joined neopets 10 years ago, but I've never been involved with the Altador Cup. In fact, I don't think I'd heard of it before last year and only then when it was all done and dusted. I've looked at some sites and I'm not sure I quite understand how this works. Can anyone explain it to me, please? What I've worked out so far is that you pick a team to support, you play yooyuball (yeah, never played that before) which sounds like a variation of soccer or something, and then...?? The most I really know about the cup is that everyone complained last year about pe
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