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Publicly announcing "I just lost the game" is really funny. XD I plan to do it on the first day back at school.


TPBM is hungry.



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Scary sister rides a speedy Chopper while reading something online which is like that random horrible scary cheesecake monster that has one-hundred different flavors of petpets for my ghost chias to fart around happily with squeals like the fat pig named Oinky Poinky which have no more colorful legs that dance like ladybugs eating purple toenails belonging to monsters and aliens ziggy piggy friends with purple ponies poking anything in blue overalls with sapphire cheese that plans to eat intelligent petpets but zoos never allow unicorns eat monkeys and they aren't poofy psychotic things destroying air faerie and fire faeries staffs nu-uh but queen Fyora had a big cookie that was used recklessly for demolishing archaic artifacts arrogantly because the evil mahogany patio fancies destroying eatable plants which strangle tiny horrible grilled calamari skin that swim undetected most times throughout the Maraquan whirlpool devouring old fat fish with stinky expired license so that Fyora could dance happily with mental Kau goths Jack Sparrow hired me unhappily to swab his filthy Captain's quarters while wearing a hideous frock of dung and pearls served with stuff from the horrible monster known as the Blob-of-sushi served with escargots platters and smelly tofu from Shenkuu which really smells extremely muffin-like under water but above with rotten diaper smell they shall explode in 3-2-1 and lift-off in T- minus ten, which has been canceled due to smell air waste in the sea-like ocean where sea octopuses play tag while enjoying Popsicles that purpley-orange and taste like VOMIT from a Moehog That ate cookies while dancing and playing with Tipem the pink meepit, which isn't dancing the Marcarena with fifty lobsters babies so that caused destruction in a giant toilet filled with pudding and chewy toothpaste that tasted like dead skunk unfortunately so delicious maniacs always puke mesos junk on me for taking away popcorn from Ian because he ignored the crazy chimpanzee that always meows at the bored moon for 10 days on the back of a humped camel that goes somewhere and eats blue mustard with rocksalt banana pies filled with coconut cream doughnuts colored rainbow raindrops to Neopia Space catnip that taste of chicken quiches and twelve huge honey coated walnuts spawned three-thousand flaming arrows that always pierced raw KFC Snackers and tacos resulting in tons of delicious metroids snacks with cheesy puns like Metroid pudding mix dipped in a pleasant piles of dung piles upon petpets palace on metroid who broke the pudding mold of slime while eating disgusting bits of mutant yooyu ball ice-cream with bits of Chocolate flakey bits introduce some yogo filled chocolate ropes which talk like giant crazy mothballs all hopped up on sugary sugar goodness and chocolate cake that is jumping up and down with excitement because it is going so well that elephants began trumpeting very annoyingly at the lazy meepits who annihilated the huge, fat eyeball stalkers are the farting, unusual blue koi that feed on bits of dark cookies which explode on the pink candy colored feepits nose that smells disgustingly seasoned with black pepper and toxic waste along Pikachu and COWculators to the highest coo-coo-cachoo that poops on Barney and smells disgustingly good as Kalamari served with egg fried noodles made from the nursery of rhyming turkeys sitting beside a lump of turd that went berserk because pointy eyed moody sloths which enjoy smashing mahogany are dancing under crazy moonlit pandas that enjoy sniffing potassium fluoride because it smells of n00bs stuffed with turkey gobblers and pink fluffy sheep that are ambushing super sensitive ultra purple meepits that dance madly while completing a race based in underwater Atlantis outposts that are really getting annoying because some excited random idiots are preparing to dive deep into the Marianas looking messy and oddly destructive, theoretically impossible because in worlds slaps, a freak-house destroys, and dances are strangely long hair, ultimately found dead in the clouds of Neverland because Peter ate doughnuts with vanilla pizza, sprinkles, pepper milkshakes, and coffee mixed with anonymous people jumping down and cheating their way past buckets containing glowing paint brushes from the DOOM repositories and added with some glue to their model which exploded and annihilated the remains of Earth after Joe used nukes to annihilate Antarctica but spared kittens because kittens are cute when sleeping however noisy people are the most annoying because they eat without digesting their foreheads after an encounter with sausage where gravity implodes and destroys everything except those kittens because kittens murder mice eating pie ampersand airlines fire breathing coo-coo-kuchoo without feet ampersand omega pinkeye, therefore annihilating bunnies of the fire swampy division Kaulitz chair equipped with lollipops and chopsticks savannas, therefore causing every explosive explosions to destroy every bank in Jamaica because Meepits smell like over-cooked cashew nuts in tuxedos with roasted toasted and deep-fried sequins eating while watching Saturday Night Live ha ha ha; therefore chickens race deer for fear of ovens and muffins BUT removes pies from roadkill resulting in a seizure happening near one watermelon and ball that implodes every dictator that decides to explode those carrots that burn their microwaves and microwaves blow a tree fire so microwaves rule microwavia with Meepits using mind microwaves and microwaves of spaghetti sauce attack microwaves against boats, thus it can't deploy fail boat systems failure regulators microwaves like microwaves with microwaves for microwaves but people obsessed with vicious oven microwaves meese cheese from microwavia due partly to microwaves that microwave ovens microwaving microwaves failed because of neggs blowing faerie bubbles for pink Meepits and fire Unis rampage so that their hearts stupendously break free as their wings microwave microwaves for turkey and potatoes with random stuffings of cheese which explode into a shower of neverending happy microwaves Pokemon microwaving for ovens towards Moehogs who invaded Zim and microwaving fluffy Usuls that microwave neggs to kill microwaves under huge microwaves WITHOUT microwaving microwaves of DOOM microwaving a cheesecake chef who microwaves microwaves for more microwavable supercalifragilisticexpealidoscious microwaves microwaving microwavable fish neggs eating microwaves that do microwaving business microwaves for microwaving cheese omellettes which microwave analytical microwavians thus microwaving multiple sparrows microwaving purple microwaves inside you right now which eats microwaved microwavians resulting with massive microwavia sandwiches made explosive cheesecake which flew planes into squirrel microwaves creating apple pie that tastes so overwhelmingly horrible that I feel a need to ditch right into the krill that detonated microwaves of horrible milk which left fourteen blobs of jelly that smell sisters which tastes food like squirrel liver mixed with yellow kitten fur rocky mountains extruding sunflowers in Kansas with a Meepit foot which tasted like cheese curls of meepits painted snot monsters in the Kadoatery toilet inside the cow store where milk can grow people and their cats eat squids and jellies for an overpriced Bagel with jam that doesn't act normally like smart clusters which slap slaps down that miracles cured when Adam engulfed Neopia cheats flying loop-de-loop skyward funny airplanes with strange resolutions again before turning fiercely into some incredibly hallucinogenic mushrooms that make stuff eat like cheap socks that look crazy motorcycle tricks that never worked really awesome because it spun CRAZY to make marks in the tree house (purple) for mathematic sums which hold potatoes fried pink with a lot of cheese desperately needing assistance hitting insane carrier pigeons that fly although they hear extremely soft voices of insanly grown apples that hang from the roots of deep fried soft drink cans painted blue by the mad Meepit infestations from the town of New Tyrannia in the first millennium of the World Association about something to have banned Ryan then Tyler along with Mister who proceeded to annihilate the forces of the evil cookies taste buds that do nothing but love food and drink because of the dark side apple which eats infected zombies when provoked by exploding russian kamikaze burritos

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Stand all you want, 'cause you know that I'm on top.

This is all that I know, this is everything you want.

If you can't stand on your own, then speak up and let me know,

Tongues will change, curtains will drop,

Who knew the top would be so ugly?

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or break down the door to your heart,

together could see us not you and me

And you'd help me out of the dark

and I'd give my heart as an offering

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